Monday, December 14, 2009

Hasbro's Legends Devastator in Package (Updated)

The Arker has posted the first images indicating that Legends class Devastator is getting a stateside visit. The images below show the toy in its package with the Hasbro logo in the bottom right corner. No indication of release date, price, and if exclusive or not. To me the curved packaging and the silver naming along the top looks very similar to previous Target Transformers exclusives.

Update: From the comments, click here for a large gallery that shows off the new Transformers in more detail with in package, out of package, robot mode, and vehicle mode images for the whole and the individual Constructicons.


  1. This Set seriously needs a Worldwide release!
    nuff said!

  2. more pics here:

  3. Holy hell, you made my day!!!

  4. HA Barricade review!


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