Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Slow News Day: The Return

It has been a long time since did one of these. At the time the news was flying fast and furious but now that things have slowed down, it seems like a good time to go back and look for those links and the like that site fans sent me relating to Transformers. I started with some of the older suggestions, a few of which went all the way to the beginning of the year. As a result some of the videos and the like may seem like "old news" to some but I figure for most they may not have seen these fan made efforts. Five videos total are below.

Unsolved Mysteries: The Death of Optimus Prime - "Investigation" of the death of the iconic character in Transformers: The Movie using combination of the movie's footage, toy "re-enactments", new voice work and more, all with faithful re-creation of the Unsolved Mysteries style. Thanks to Jon for the link.

Redemption Two Trailer - CGI trailer done in the Beast Machines style. It appears it will never be completed considering the planned release date was May. If want to see the first episode, click here. Thanks to Jon again for the link.

Wheeljack Cereal Commercial - Part of an amusing series of various Transformers doing a cereal commercial for Energon-O's. Not 100% safe for work due to cussing.

Autobot Alert - From Dr.Smoov, with some creative editing of Transformers cartoons and new voice work, some Autobots switch sides when they become friends with some Decepticons.

Almost Transformers - Amusing skit from a Australia's The Merrick and Rosso Show. The "transformation" is guys that have appliance costumes scaring customers. Thanks to AS for the link.


  1. Steve Jablonsky - A Call to Arms (Not Used in the Movie, but clearly originally scored for TF2 since it's in the Making Of on DVD/Bluray)


    In case this hasn't been posted!

    Cheers Benizzle

  2. Also! The most AWESOME Bumblebee costume I've seen thus far... again, might have been posted but I haven't seen it here. It goes over two pages, the second page shows some good finished photos as well as a great Optimus costume...


  3. burnside07: Oh! That's my friend Greg! We're good local friends, and I helped him a tiny bit on his BB costume at the same time I was upgrading mine. I've already retired mine so I'll be helping him debut his bigegr one at Wonder-con 2010. :)

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