Monday, January 04, 2010

Leader Class Bumblebee?

S250 has provided a new picture to TFW2005 that indicates that Bumblebee may be getting the Leader class treatment. This would be the fifth such toy after Starscream, Jetfire, Megatron and Optimus Prime. This version of Bumblebee has a battle mask (I assume slides back), blaster, shoulder mounted cannons and lots of details. If the picture is toy accurate it appears this leader version has the potential to be better than Ultimate Bumblebee which will probably annoy many that paid the higher price for the toy (such as myself). There has not been official confirmation from Hasbro for this toy (but then there never was for Starscream either), nor any hints on release date. Thanks to Chris for the link.

Update: It should be noted that it seems a consensus has been reached on multple Transformers sites (and here in the comments) that this may be a fake photoshopped effort. Sadly there is no definitive proof to prove how real or fake the image is. However, I figure give it a few weeks since usual the real toys get followed up with in packaging images and the fake toys just never get heard from again.


  1. Hmm.. something bothers me about this image. Like it's been spliced together. The wheels don't match up correctly and the limbs look very awkward. Almost like it's a combination of shots of Ultimate Bumblebee, Deluxe Bumblebee, and HA Bumblebee.

    I'm gonna call fake on this, but that's just my quick 5-minute scrutiny.

  2. F.A.K.E
    But, I do really want to see if this is really happening.

  3. ... seriously?
    Enough with Bumblebee, already. Let's see some cooler characters get the leader upgrade. I for one would love to see Ironhide or maybe Blackout/Grindor.

  4. That's totally not ultimate bumble bee I have the figure with in eye shot from where I'm sitting and the details in the sculpt are compleatly different. Now whether it's legit is another question.

  5. If its true then I would hope its better than the Ultimate BB. I'd much prefer an Ironhide leader.

  6. Anonymous 4:27

    Your brain is fake... as for the BBB...

    Oh Jesus, another one? I would understand Leader Blackout, Scavenger or Long Haul... But no, they have to make another friggin Bumblebee. Bravo Hasbro, you did it again...

  7. one thing we're always complaining abountlack of detail even leaders op,megs and jf are missing stuff but this is overdetailed hasbro would never do this they're too lazy to do it plus enough with bb hes got deluxe,ha,ultimate,legends,fab,gravity bots rpms blah blah blah what else does he need?????
    also i would like to see maybe leader mixmaster which would be awesome long haul, demolishor/scavenger, grindor, ironhide ratchet now were takin guys who need it maybe a ha sideways with alice,ironhide with lennox but if this is real i would get it cause it looks awesome but i'm 50/50 on this one fake or real i dunno but its a bb overload

  8. This was posted on and was proved to be a fake; blasted wide open.

    (Let's face it, who wants another Bumblebee when we should have Blackout/Grindor?)

    Apparently Leader Grindor is on the cards...

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  10. sideswipe88 and anonymous 6:11

    Just go check how many times people like you were talkin "FAAAAAKE" in the past. You are just bunch of morons who doesn't want it to be real, because "i don't like it, and hasbro would never do something i don't like". Face it, BBB is very popular character, so it's no brainer, that he's the one who will get a Leader Class figure, and not some minor character without any lines like Blackout/Grindor.

  11. Here's the way I see it.

    It doesn't make sense for Hasbro to put out a "Leader Class" Bumblebee because, Bumblebee is not a Leader, he's a scout.

    However, it would make sense for Hasbro to put out a much more detailed and accurate transformable version of Bumblebee for those of us movie fanatics who don't want the bells and whistles that make up the unusable bulk of todays Leader-Class toys. Similar to HA and Ultimate Bumblebee but BETTER.

    We don't want AA battery enclosures. We don't want motor drives. We don't want a super easy kid-friendly version. We want a hardcore version that would probably take an hour to transform but HOLY GOD it would look very awesome. You know, for the TRUE collectors who will pay top dollar for movie accuracy.

    OK, that's what *I* would want, but that's just me. haha :)

  12. @ anonymous 7:39 am I didn't say it was fake i said i was 50/50 on it which mean i dunno plus i like it it would be sweet to have but you are jumping to conclusions i dunno if its real but i would like it to be real so there don't respond to me by making up more things really its my opinion and you shoudint care about that

  13. anonymous at 7:39

    I am not denying it because I don't like it. If you bother to read my comment, you'll find out that the image is a composite of Human Alliance Bumblebee, Ultimate Bumblebee and other bits in between. And I know (with everybody else) that Hasbro dishes out many Bumblebees because he's 'popular'; that's what is so annoying about the films - focus on one or two characters and treating the rest like drones. So don't you dare call us morons with any justification.

    (By the way, Blackout was a major decepticon in the first film; he was the first to appear and he played a major part in the final battle. And he *did* have lines; just in Cybertronian!

    As for Grindor, the three-against-one fight in ROTF was fantastic. That is why people demand the Leader figure; to be in scale with Leader Optimus, Megatron and the upcoming Starscream)

  14. Yeah, but Hasbro doesn't care about what 5 or 6 fanboys want, and will rather go with what most of it's buyers (i.e. kids) want - their hero, Bumblebee. And where on Seibertron was it proved, that it's fake? How? Can't see this. Only one troll on TFW 2005 try to prove this.

  15. Anonymous 5:59.

    Hasbro NEVER cared about scale (i.e. Supreme Animated Optimus Prime). They do thought about profit. And few fans who think it would be kewl to have Leader Class Grindor/Blackout is not enough, especialy, that they both have, what, 10 minutes of screen time...?

  16. I agree that a Leader-Class Grindor or Blackout would be AWESOME.

    You know they did a Leader-Class Brawl, right? I have him. And he had about the same amount of screentime as Blackout. So I see no reason why there shouldn't be a Blackout/Grindor.

  17. LionBoogy


  18. The reason is because they are makin Leader Bumblebee. And by that logic, you would though, that they would made Supreme Animated Omega Supreme (after all, they did made Prime, so why not him?). In other words, Hasbro will make those, who they think will sell better, i.e. Bumblebee.

  19. Uhmm.. Hasbro has not announced any plans to make a Leader Bumblebee. There is no logic applied here. Logic is based on FACT, and we have no facts.

    We've still got nothing concrete to prove it. Just a rumor and a very badly photoshopped image of existing BBs. That's not something Hasbro would do. I mean, c'mon now.

    Personally, again, I'd like a Leader-Class Blackout/Grindor, BOTH of which are actually Decepticon commanders. Actually, I'd love a Leader-Class BONECRUSHER. God, it frustates me to no end how puny the deluxe sized version we got.

  20. We heard about Leader Starscream months before Hasbro announced him. Even saw poor quality photos of him. It's not a first time when people say "fake", "clearly photoshop" etc. on this blog (a year ago it happened practically always, when something new showed up), and than it turned out to be real. But we shall see. Over and out. :P

  21. Yeah, but Leader Starscream actually makes sense, with or without rumor. As I said earlier, Bumblebee is not a Leader, he's just a spy-scout. He doesn't even rank close to Brawl, OP, Megatron, Jetfire, or Starscream.

    HOWEVER, if they do make him in a large "Leader Class" version, they'd better do a damn good job of it. I mean, really, Ultimate Bumblebee was crap. Not accurate at all.

  22. Finally, i wanted this happen so much. Best Bumblebee ever. Thank you Hasbro. :)

  23. I for 1 love bumble bee i have 3 qustions 1is he confirmed 2what dose he say 3when is he relesed ps he is going to be called battel ops bumblebee pps i think he is the best transfomer toy ever

  24. Why do they not make leader Grindor/Blackout , fallen and devastator.They should make leader class Grindor as big as construction devastator.The wheels in the photo are cut.If somebody can contact Hasbro please tell em to make leader class Grindor with mini blade and rip apart face.For battle hook Optimus.


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