Wednesday, January 06, 2010

ROTF Remains on Oscar VFX Shorter List

The number of movies still in contention for an Academy Award for Visual Effects has gone from 15 to 7 according to the LA Times. Fortunately Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen remains on the list. Some contenders removed include Watchmen, Sherlock Holmes, and A Christmas Carol. Remaining contenders:

- Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
- Star Trek
- Avatar
- District 9
- Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
- Terminator Salvation
- 2012

The next step in the process is for the Academy's VFX panel to view 15-minute clips and vote on three as the official nominees for the award. The final three will be announced on February 2nd with the winner rewarded during the ceremony on March 7th. Avatar is a clear lock for one of the spots (and likely the award winner). My guess the final two spots are between Transformers: ROTF, Star Trek, and 2012.


  1. i would like to see avatar, district 9, terminator salvation. the reason transformers is not on the list is the only key moments in ROTF is devastator combining and the forest fight and megatron visit to the crash ship where starscream and the fallen are hiding. these scenes are so small in the movie that if taken out and you watch only the visual effects of ROTF then all you have is cool visual effects but you need the VFX to be escentual to the story not an excuse. the three movies i listed made me feel scare, care and believe in the story the others ROTF, star trek, and 2012 have cool vfx but with potter its a mix bag so im left with my three pics.

  2. Oh yeah,good good!!XD

  3. @Anonymous 1/07/2010 4:08 AM: what the heck are you babbling about? Short CGI scenes, what?? Are you out of your mind completely? Did you ever watch Transformers2 movie? Because it doesn't seem so, really...

  4. @Anon 5:41AM above me
    I'm with you! What the heck is he babbling about? He obviously didn't see TF2.


  5. Yeah seriously man. TF2 was PACKED with CGI everywhere, even in areas where you least expected it. How the heck can you not run into it is beyond me. And it was very well done, very "realistic". There wasn't any scene where I had to pay close attention and go "ooooohh... CGI".

    My personal list has to be TF2, 2012, and Avatar.

    Let me just say that animating transforming vehicles with multiple polygons shifting around is a LOT harder than animating objects with a fixed set of polygons. That alone leads me to believe TF2 deserves the award.

  6. I Agree from the Poster Above, BTW is ROTF score nominated, because it has some of the best track on film. very uplifting and dark.

  7. "BTW is ROTF score nominated, because it has some of the best track on film. very uplifting and dark."

    Steve Jablonsky kicks ass, but ROTF's score won't be nominated because of one recently-created Academy rule: In order to be nominated for Best Original Score, a movie can't have music that was heard in a previous film (The Autobot theme and Skorponok theme from TF1 was obviously heard in TF2).

    This is why The Dark Knight's score wasn't nominated last year...because much of the music was obviously featured in Batman Begins.

    Return of the King was the last movie to win despite having music featured in the first two LOTR flicks.

  8. I understand bloggers that ROTF must get nominated to honor the people who worked on the movie and make them feel accomplish in their work and keep the franchise going for more VFX. But i think that type of honor that the academy awards should be about does not exist. The academy awards is what it's always been about picking favorits and like politics lobbing the voters.

    For me i think of three things when i look at film with VFX, one, is the VFX eye candy enough for me to want more of or see again and two did the VFX use in the film bring something new or fresh like in the first transformers movie and three did the VFX serve its purpose or was it use to bounce off of to get to the next scene.

    Like i said ROTF had cool VFX but we know the VFX team should have won with the first movie and since then we have seen many copy cats. The three key moments i mention in the second comment is what stood out for me in ROTF.

    So if i am blabbing sorry folks i just wanted to give my reason to why i would leave ROTF out in my list and heres hoping in the next film the ratio of transformers and humans in the movie is more towards the robots.

  9. Wow, this year is all about the ALiens, with the exeption of Harry Pottr.

    I really don't know which one to pick, but after ROTF I enjoyed both District-9 and A V A T A R a lot.

    All these films have been worked on with a lot of effort and dedication.

    ROTf's Devastator scene was very impressive, as well as the forrest battle, but the problem with the film was the humor, and that will eliminate it again.

    District 9's style was that of a documentary, which is quite different for a sci-fi film, and in the end it worked quite well. The aliens, technology and story was powerful, and so a good candidate, but it was rated R, which might kill the nomination.

    Avatar was epic, in every account, I don't know how James comes up with this, but he knows his stuff. The story was pleasing to all audiences and that's what will hit a home run for this film. It wasn't like we've never seen this type of story before, but it connected you with the plot, and that's what matters, when a director grabs you emotions and takes you to a journey, avatar did that for me.

    As for Harry....I don't care too much.

  10. I don't care about the oscars, I love the movie anyway, regardless of whether the movie wins an oscar or not

  11. TF2 all day everyday for the rest of forever!...but Avatar will win this award hands down

  12. Moises:
    ROTF's humor has nothing to do with VFX nomination.

    D9's rating has nothing to do with VFX nomination.

    Avatar is equally as impressive as the former two.

    Harry Potter IS an alien movie. :) :) :) hahaha

  13. In 2007, TRANSFORMERS was nominated for a VFX Oscar... and lost to THE GOLDEN COMPASS. Everybody was like WTF?

    This time, the competition is stiffer, but I still hold hopes that ROTF will win an Oscar. It's deserving of the award; I mean it had giant robot battles! The Shanghai Skirmish, the Forest Fight, and especially the Giza Guerilla (DEVASTATOR) was incredible to watch on the big screen. Yeah, my vote and hope is on this film...

  14. Avatar sucked. Effects were good and its going to win. That screenplay was garbage. Unoriginal plot, not a single point where something unexpected happened. You knew everything that was going to happen. Most overrated film evah! District 9 on the other hand kicked ass.

  15. the best 3 in effects were Startrek, Avatar and Transformers, i want startrek to win coz it looked the best and the way they used sets was really good, the robots in terminator salvation sucked, arnies face was good but thats about it

  16. Avatar was not epic, Avatar is a silly marketing hype joke. The CGI is awful, yes awful.. Console games on PS3 and XBox360 look way better than what you see on Avatar. The blending between live footage and CGI is so wrong on Avatar that there is no excuse just for that.
    Then the story, characters... it's silly, childish and nothing new. There is no revolution in Avatar.
    VFX wise, CGI wise is nothing more than the most expensive 3D CGI cartoon for little kids ever created with barely average CGI.
    The sad thing is that tons of people worldwide are wasting their time and money on Avatar repeating what the marketeers told them to, you claiming that Avatar is featuring the most advanced CGI to date are either blind or slaves of marketing hype because it's a false statement, it's not a question of personal taste or judgement, the CGI rendering on Avatar is pathetic to say the least, it's not even par with $50million budget production.. despite the fact that it took 12 years and $500million budget to produce...

  17. Despite of all negativity posted by people about A V A T A R, it will remain as the best movie of ALL time. Yes the story might have been typical, and the CGI might not have been outrageously different, but it too, like ROTF, has revolutionized movie making.

    ROTF proved how far our technology can be pushed with DEVASTATOR, but disspointingly Bay included wrecking balls to it, a foolish and maybe childish touch to the character. But regardless of all the humor crap, ROTF had impressive CGI.

  18. PSofosNextGen1/10/2010 8:26 AM

    Paramount advertisments told that ROTF is No 1 Movie of the year . It was a lie because Avatar will be in this weekend of 2010 unless the box office does not count the numbers of 2010 back to 2009 . Avatar totally stolen the crown from our historical line ! TF3 must be the killer of all !!!! make brains Paramount and you .. ! Bay take the Transformers seriously at last just as Cameron did with Avatar !! For a god sake !!! We hope 2009 dissapointment was only the last one !!! TFS must TRULY be one day the movie of the year !

  19. My review to the movie is.Stylish but shallow, action-packed but without ever being exciting, Terminator Salvation is a movie that looked amazing as a trailer, but doesn't stand up as a 115 minute film.


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