Saturday, January 09, 2010

Transformers Linkfest

More links to new Transformers related toy galleries.

New Official ROTF Toy Gallery
Hasbro has released a new crop of official images for their next wave of Revenge of the Fallen toys. Most we have seen here on this blog or elsewhere before but still good way to get the best look at new toys includes Breakdown, Bludgeon, Evac and more. I think many of these may now be showing in stores stateside, at least I was able to buy Bludgeon and saw Recon Ironhide at my local target the other day.

Transformers: Animated Japan Wave One
The first wave of Transformers: Animated toys for Japan have been announced. Apparently the new wave follows the USA mold of the figures but include a few painting tweaks such as colored faction symbols and metallic paint.

ROTF EZ Collection 2 Set
A set that is probably Japan only for now that has 8 Legend class figures all in one package. The figures included are battle damaged Megatron and Optimus along with Ironhide, Sideways, Skids, Grindor, Wheelie and Soundwave. Click the link for more images of the packaging and figures.

New Target DPCIs
New entries in Target’s product database suggest some new toys coming that we may not know about yet. A few are about exclusive Legends two packs and the like but some are unknown such as Cyber Ops Bumblebee for $60 and a new 5pk combine for $20.

Auto-transforming Bumblebee
From Tformers, below is a video that shows Bumblebee knock-off that transforms itself and plays sounds and music. Not a toy I would want but still cute to view.


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