Sunday, February 28, 2010

Ray Park Cast in Transformers 3?

In a video interview on with Ray Park (Darth Maul, Toad, Snake Eyes) to promote the independent movie Jinn, the write-up says "Park is also expected to have a lead role in “Transformers 3,” but details of his character remain unknown."

The interview itself makes no mention of Transformers 3 so for now this remains completely in the rumor category. Considering Park's martial arts prowess, the possibilities for a character, either robot or human, could be very interesting. Thanks to Christopher for the link.


  1. could coryograph(spelled wrong) bludgeon.

  2. Snake Eyes cameo.

  3. I just hope he does motion-capture for a robot, so that it gets some awesome stunts!

  4. Great info! Thank you. Have you checked Michael Bay's official site? Sound of Transformers "Revenge of the Fallen

  5. If ray park is in it you know right off the back it will be far better then Transformers 2.

  6. You know, a Snake Eyes spot with the NEST Human Alliance would be a great way to sell BOTH TF and GIJoe products for Hasbro. And it stays true to the actual storyline too.

    I always thought GIJoe needed Michael Bay's military backing. So I dunno just a crazy idea. haha But man, it sure would be nice!

    But getting a mo-cap character for Ray Park, yeah I'd have to say Bludgeon because he's super martial arts.

  7. Awesome news!!

    Maybe choreoghraphy, maybe a character.
    Yeah it would be cool to have a Snake Eyes spot with NEST.
    But I also hope he does motion-capture, now if only they get SCOTT ADKINS to play his motion-capture opponent, then we will get an awsesome holy ffing fightscene!!!


  8. GIJoe movie franchise must not merge with Transformers franchise. It doesn't matter what Hasbro managers might think about it, there is no chance for a mix of the two to work as they might think.
    The GIJoe movie was quite a disappointment anyway. But the simple fact is that merging the two would just result in both collapsing.. there is no chance to link them, they have nothing in common and since the GIJoe movies aren't going to be rebooted but a sequel was greenlighted then it just wouldn't work.
    The Transformers movies franchise is at a way higher quality level than that delivered by GIJoe movie. Hasbro might want to do it in a hope to sell more merchandise but it would simply ruin Transformers more than anything.

  9. Ray Park shouldn't act as a robot pretender for the decepticons, he should just stick to playing a nobel solsier allying with N.E.S.T.

    If Park is to be casted as a robot, he should voice either an autobot like Sky Shadow or portray an autobot pretender in the form of a N.E.S.T. soldier.

  10. Didn't they mention the possibility of ninja assassins at some stage? He'd fit the profile perfectly.


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