Friday, February 19, 2010

TF2 Behind Scenes Video and Interview

CG Channel has posted a cool video interview with Dan Taylor, Animation Supervisor at Digital Domain that also shows how the created some of the effects for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. While ILM did most of the digital effects for the movie, Digital Domain (owned by Michael Bay) worked on several sequences in the movie such as the Alice/Pretender sequence, Reedman, Soundwave, and more.

Very informative and worth watching. Makes you wonder why it wasn't a DVD/B-R extra even though some parts do seem to have been used for the Blu-ray featurettes. Sadly no option to embed so instead click here to view the 12 minute video. Still a shame the movie didn't get an Oscar nomination for its work. Thanks to Scott for the link.


  1. Well, too bad, this didn't make it on the 2nd Disc of the Steelbook-Editions.
    However, this videos shows how some of the Transformations were done, and tells us, how they approached things.

  2. PSofosNextGen2/20/2010 5:01 AM

    It was not only a shame but it makes you wonder why Avatar or Star trek and not for Transformers that was better for its graphics !!! Maybe a more serious job the next time from Paramount ( very strong advertising for TF3 ) and the stuff !!

  3. @PSofos

    The Oscars are a joke man. ROTF got a nomination for sound mixing. Less than 10 seconds were super impressive.

  4. for oscar win you must have not only best cgi but you must be very good movie

  5. @v1p3rS 2/21/2010 12:09 PM: wrong, to win any Oscar you must either be linked to or pay to the mafia assets that unfortunately drive the show.

  6. I agree with the previous statement. You must be well connected, polictically and financially to recieve an Oscar. I love Transformers 2 and thought it was better than a lot of those other movies that got nominations. Granted a lot of things stood in T2, but one thing it has that a lot of other films don't have is interactivity.

    Transformers should have been nominated for more than one Oscars, but it's all good though. T3 is going to be a gift from God!

  7. @Megatron's Deception, I hope TF3 will be a gift from God. I want the movie to kick so much ass so Michael Bay can prove he was born to make Transformers.

  8. The sad thing about ROTF's sound mixing getting an Oscar nod is that I thought most of its sound mixing was horrible. It was way too loud most of the time and the dialogue was often just too hard to make out among the wall of chaos.

    The movie's visuals were by far the best I saw all year except maybe Avatar. I thought Star Trek could have been left off. The space battles and such were nothing Lucas or most videogames haven't shown us before and I think that movie's best asset was its brilliant set design.

  9. @ Anonymous, which was after my comment. I think Michael Bay is going to realize that T3 and all of the other Transformer movies were for him and him alone. This would support what Speilberg said and "Michael Bay was born to make Transformers" and that quote is soooo true!



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