Thursday, February 04, 2010

Transformers Linkfest

Voyager Sea Spray Gallery and Video
From S250, a look at the new Voyager toy that will be released later this year with an alt mode of a hovercraft that has a deck that is large enough to transport scout class figures. Also above is a video of the figure in action. This is part of the first wave of Transformers toys that dropped the "Revenge of the Fallen" name while continuing the design atheistic from the movies. This one might just join my wishlist, wait and see what Peaugh comes up with.

Voyager Payload in Package - Another Transformers toy for later this year, only this time a yellow repaint of the Constructicon Long Haul.

NEST Global Alliance Ravage Promotion OfficialHasbro has issued a press release making official the NEST Global Alliance mail away offer for a Special Edition Ravage figure (a repaint of the ROTF deluxe toy). As part of the promotion there will be NEST stickers and 12 "Cyber Missions" webisodes that have already started airing at If your in Canada this figure will be easier to get, but may cost more as it will be a an exclusive for Toys R US Canada.

Ironhide Mini-series Planned
IDW's Andy Schmidt spoke with Comics Continuum about upcoming plan for Transformers and revealed that despite his death in the Transformers #1, the character will get his own mini-series. He also reviewed that Megatron returns in issue seven as "a changed robot, if you will." Apparently this is a two part interview (one two), but for whatever I reason I was unable to get either part load on my computer, hopefully you will have better luck.

New Knight Morpher Commander Gallery
From Mastermind Creations is this huge 88 image gallery of what appears to be the final version of the fan made creation the Knight Morpher Commander which is really Optimus Prime from the Heart of Steel comic book. The result is a pretty sweet looking toy that I am very tempted to purchase whenever it becomes available.

Simon Furman Teases Nefarious #2
Click the link to read long time Transformer writer Simon Furman's summary of the second issue of Transformers: Nefarious which is a sequel to Revenge of the Fallen. The story follows Soundwave's investigation into the return of Ravage and the Initiative.

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