Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Bumblebee, Prime Updated for Transformers 3

It seems like pre-production is in full swing with more news about Transformers 3 coming out. TF3 animation supervisor Scott Benza from ILM provided an update about their pre-production plans including a design "update" to Prime and Bumblebee, working on new robots and more. The full article from SciFi Wire is here.

- Bumblebee is seen has having matured over the years and so will have "subtle changes to his physique" to indicate this.
- Prime will have "more heroic" but "little tiny things" that the average person will not notice but Transfans might.
- The script isn't complete, but they have enough information to start on art and 3-D modeling which can take up to 30 weeks to complete.
- Level of detail for each character, including planned new ones, will depend on how much screen time they will have and any close-ups that might occur.


  1. What, so Prime finally gets a trailer?

    Bumblebee finally gets to talk fully, and receives another upgrade?

    But the new characters thing sounds really good, though. I hope to see some convept art soon...

  2. How do they make Prime more heoric? Interesting....

  3. Prime: Give me your character development! *rips face* xD

  4. This sounds really interesting. I'm getting a little excited already.

  5. Visual upgrades make sense. What was cool for 2007 wouldn't be cool for 2011. Anyone in the serious collectors world knows that. We want something marginally different. You have to start adding on small things here and there to appease the customer, in this case, the Transfans Collectors like myself who love to eat this up.

    Call me silly, stupid, or dumb, but I can tell the difference and I buy all of them anyway. haha

  6. Hoping for:
    1. Arcee, Chromia, Elita-1 returning with their respective names...
    2. Skids, Mudflab returning, though I didn't really like any of them...
    3. SUPERION & AerialBots!!!
    4. Dinobots!!!

    That's all... ^^


  8. put in shockwave he is the bomb with better weapons and don't make him die he's the best

  9. I hope those new characters include Hot Rod, Ultra Magnus and Springer.

  10. at last! i hoped they will get rid of that crying-pissing-singing character from the first 2 movies and turn him into a badass

  11. Here are some more things I would like to see in TF3:

    1. Bumblebee being taken more seriously and actually having some good lines
    2.More Sideswipe,Ratchet, Jolt(who looked like a really good character in TF2),Starscream(who has still not lived up to his full potential in the movies) and Soundwave.
    3.Skids and Mudflap can stay because you still need some comic relief, but I actually want to see if they can really fight.
    4.NO LEO!
    5.NO LEO!
    6.Did I mention NO LEO?! GOOD!
    7.New characters I would like to see include: Wheeljack,Shockwave,Ultra Magnus,and Silverbolt.
    8.Have Sam propose to Mikaela(Only fair, right?)
    9.More Agent Simmons.
    10.For a final battle scene, how about:

    Well, I hope to see some good responses to this soon. Also, does anyone on this planet have any updates concerning TRANSFORMERS: THE RIDE at Universal Studios Hollywood? If you do have any info, please, do tell. Thanks and ROLL OUT!

  12. Hmmm... more Sideswipe would be killer, and, oh, I dunno... Maybe some SUNSTREAKER?
    Fo shiz.
    Bumbles having LINES would also be killer.
    I would love to see Sam propose to Mikaela. It'd be about DARN time.
    Hmm... I'd LIKE to see Unicron, but I doubt they'd be able to do a decent job of it.
    Skids and Mudflap are cute, but I would be happy with a little less of them and a lot more of the 'hard core' Autobots, if you will.
    MORE STARSCREAM MORE STARSCREAM MORE STARSCREAM MORE STARSCREAM! He's a fantastic, dynamic character with LOADS of potential.
    kthx, bai.

  13. id like to say in response to annonymous 2 comments up.... agent simmons is soooo much worse than leo omg. he ruined tf2 but if anyone should hve less of a role in tf3 it shuld be WHEELIE who else agrees?? he was soo dumb in tf2. Also, i do not want to see Unicron even tho hed be epic i just dont think they shuld take the movie to those lengths cuz to be honest it wuld prolly ruin the movie. u need a little comin relief but it shuld be so minimal provided by skids and mudflap i just want to see some EPIC TRANSFORMERS-NESS and a badass intense and serious movie
    any thoughts on my comments?

  14. I say it is about time we see Optimus Prime together with his trailer!

    I wouldn't mind having the aerialbots and the stunticons for TF3 as well, only with the condition that they do not combine into a disfigured combiner like Devastator.

  15. 1) Aerialbots
    2) Combacticons
    3) Either Chicago or Moscow being a giant Decepticon where humans keep disappearing, buildings moving and so on...
    4) An horde of decepticons pretenders
    5) Decepticons using humans for experiments to create their own type of Headmasters

  16. ^^^pretty much every thing u just listed is a horrible idea..only the aerialbots n combaticons can pass as legit possibilities

  17. @LionBoogy
    I'm with you, more Sideswipe, we hardly saw him.

    What I would like to see in TF3 is:
    -Bumblebee must speak!!
    -more Soundwave
    -All Decepticon planes to fight the Aerialbots in the sky(we need a bad-ass aerialfight!!)
    -Stunticons/Menasor or a straight-up standing Devastator
    -more Simmons
    -no Skids and Mudflap(we need comic relief, but less, sam's parents and Simmons are enough)
    -last but not least, more Ironhide
    Btw, Jolt could actually be a good apponent for Soundwave in a fight.


  18. Breakaway vs Starscream and more of Jolt, and a big battle in the ice.

  19. Omg see this is what I don't understand!! All the other blogs, videos, comments about the transformers EVERYONE was complaining bout them!!! Now every reads new news an they get excited!! Seriously WTF!!! I fir one have liked the movies cause wat movie has 40foot robots kick some tail!!! So I'm def lookin forward to TF3!!.... Unlike most of u who have complained how crappy they were an now ulthat made a 180!!

  20. i absolutely loved the first two films, despite all the flaws that they had. stupid twins? i dont care! stupid leo? i dont care! stupid mother (in parts)? i dont care! stupid story? idont care! because these were only minor parts in a movie full of epic music, heroic speaches, lots of drama and ROBOTS KICKING THE CRAP OUT EACH OTHER! so i´m happy everytime i come to this site and see something new about preproduction of the third of these great movies. whatever they do, i´m still going to love it as the trilogie of my lifetime!

  21. @anon 3/03 11:36 PM:
    Most of us here didn't complain, I for sure didn't. I love both 2 movies, I watched Revenge of the Fallen last saturday again, I liked the Twins, but it would hade nicer to see all the screentime they got, went to Sideswipe and Soundwave, or Ironhide en Jolt.
    Liked Leo, love the parents, love Simmons!

    I agree with anon 3/04 2: AM, the trilogy will also be the trilogy of my lifetime and will be my most played and most important trilogy I will own!

    Transformers 4ever!!


  22. I'm getting pretty excited.

    Although I am an old school fan from the '80s, I'm a huge fan of the first Bay film and don't think they really could have done a live action TF movie any better. I really disliked part 2 though, and feel like the third one can't feasibly be any worse. This stuff I'm hearing from sources including Bay about there being more character development this time around really makes me feel like they might have learned some lessons from the fan backlash about part 2 even though it still made tons of mone.

  23. And to those freaking out about how people could still be excited for part 3 even though part 2 was panned by so many people, here's the reason:

    Transfans' love, especially longtime ones like myself, for all things TF is far too strong to diminish the excitement of a new entry in the series, no matter how sour the last one might have tasted. (And to clarify my last comment, even though I disliked it I still own it and do enjoy watching it every so often -- I just feel it was a missed opportunity to follow up the excellent first one properly).

  24. forget about the proposals and stick to the actaul transformers storyline. the last 2 movies are for simpletons.

  25. for TF3 I would see the Aerialbots fighting air battles against Decepticons planes and their combined form Superion Maximus clashing against his historical enemy Menasor Maximus. But I would also to see Protectobots, Omega Supreme and Metroplex in Autobots HQ mode. It would be an awesome movie!!!

  26. Bumblebee had better talk with his normal voice in the film.

    Plus the next possible wave of combiners are the Aerialbots and the stunticons.

    Mikaela had better not get involved in the final battle because she's done enough distractions.

    Galloway is not to return because he along with Sam made too much scenes get way too focused on the humans when its not suppose to be their movies of center attention!!!

  27. Just for the record, Mikaela is getting cut from the movie( I know it sucks) IT TAKES PLACE ON DA MOON!

  28. this is goign to be so cool, though now i think megan fox should be gone but not so sure about rosie she doesnt match shia. and he being in an investment firm sounds so weird, you would think he would work with cars. anyhoo i heard rumors that he was going to die is that true? i dont thinks so cuz on bay's news it said that there was going to be an unexpected autobot being a hero, and bumblebee is not unexpected. and will he be able to speak? he bettr not die or im going to....those writers


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