Wednesday, March 03, 2010

TF Linkfest - Masterpieces, Donald Duck and More

Another linkfest, more images of up and coming Transformers and a look back at the toy line from 1986.

Masterpiece Ghost Starscream
Click the link to check out a yet another version of Masterpiece Starscream. Same toy from around five years ago, but now with clear plastic. I think this makes for the fifth or sixth version which can get tiresome. Still this is a pretty sweet looking version. Currently a Japan exclusive, available sometime in June.

Night Ops Ratchet Gallery
Gallery of the new repaint for Ratchet, now in a military type paint scheme.

Hasbro 1996 ToyFair Catalog
From The Allspark and TFWiki is the above gallery that shows off the Transformers from 1986 in all their glory. Apparently the images show some differences from the final versions that hit store shelves but I don't know for sure what those differences are.

Disney Label Donald Duck
Click the link to view a gallery of the Japan exclusive toy that has Donald Duck mixed with a little Bumblebee that has an alt mode of a Bug. Or check out the video below that shows off the toy. It’s a bit long; some of it tedious, so up to you’re to decide which way to check out this new toy that I believe is out now.

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