Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Transformers Linkfest

$1,600 Bumblebee Costume
In the April 2010 issue of Popular Science, they wrote about three Transformer inspired costumes that are prettty awesome and detailed. Especially the Bumblebee one created by Greg Adler. The costume took around 400 hours to build. It is built around a wooden and backpack frame, with a mike helment, carpet tubes for arms, drywall stilts with hinges for the legs and more. The How 2.0 article also shows off a TF inspired toy from a cellphone and transforming Humvee. Thanks to Greg for the article page and scan. Click the image for a larger size to read the articles.

Power Core Combaticons and Bombshock
This gallery gives you a look at the upcoming new line of Transformers that is heavily based on fan favorite combiners both past and present. Too early to say if this new take on combiners is good, but the images indicate a lot of potential fun.

Power Core Smolder
Similar to above gallery but highlights the interchangeability of the combiners by swapping Onslaught (or whatever the middle figure is called) with Smolder (fire truck). I guess in theory any deluxe plus four mini-cons have the potential to create one five-figure combiner.

Masterpiece Grimlock (Hasbro version)
Gallery of images of MP Grimlock that is hitting Toys R Us (if remember right) sometime this summer. The Hasbro version has a few tweaks from the Takara version including a crown, clear sword, blunt teeth and sword and a few less accessories (but nothing major).

Deluxe Ironhide
A look at the new, smaller version of Ironhide that, until now, was Voyager and Legends class. The new figure comes with a mini dude that fits in the back in vehicle mode.

New Legends Class Toys
Gallery of new Legends class toys in packaging for the movie based Transformers line (that drops ROTF). Most are repaints of previous releases.

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