Friday, April 23, 2010

LaBeouf Return for Transformers 3 "Hard"

It seems that Shia LaBeouf is not all that excited about returning to the role as Sam, as least going by an article at FemaleFirst, which references an interview with Total Film that I was unable to find.
Speaking to Total Film LaBeouf said: “Yes, for sure. But Transformers is a very different movie for a very different crowd.

“My mind battles with me all the time. My mind hates the fact that I’m going back to transformers 3, but the kid in me loves it. The actor in me, who is looking to challenge himself, isn’t going to get it on in Transformers and I know that.

“But that doesn’t mean that I’m any less dedicated to that movie being perfect. I wasn’t happy with the second movie and unless the third one is better than both, then we failed.”
This is something similar to what Megan Fox has been saying for years. Normally such talk might be cause of concern about an actor’s commitment to a movie, but I think he has more than earned any removal of doubt when he continued to work on Revenge of the Fallen despite a severe hand injury even though he "hated it" and found it confusing. Thanks to Katie for the link.


  1. Him and Megan both b*tch to much!

  2. Martinus Prime4/23/2010 6:13 PM

    I think it is taken out of context, both Fox and LaBeouf knew what they signed on for, when they signed a 3 movie deal!
    And for both, they have to thank Transformers and Michael Bay for their careers!

  3. I agree with Martinus

  4. LaBoof should gtfo and let Duhamel and Gibson take over. Better actors, too.

  5. I think I know what both Fox and LaBeouf are trying to say. They want to branch out, do other roles, something new, something that might challenge them. I'm sure these roles are pretty familiar now, and as movie actors that really can be a bad sign. You don't want to be typecast and you aren't trying to do a weekly sitcom.

    I think Megan Fox could step it up a notch, but than I doubt these scripts are giving her much to work with.

    One thing to keep in mind about actors ... they don't live in our reality. For us, we're like, "What do you mean you don't wanna be in this movie? It's awesome!" But for actors, most of whome don't even watch the majority of the movies they're in, it's just a stepping stone in their career.

    I do give props to Shia for telling it like it is about the 2nd movie. You could tell that was like a 15 page script that the director had to somehow turn into 122 pages.


  6. I agree with every word you just said Martinus(Awesome screen name)Prime! lol

  7. Martinus Prime4/23/2010 8:14 PM

    Thanx NHLfan and Anon 4/23/2010 7:36PM :)

  8. DINOBOTS!!!


  9. If Fox was ugly she wouldn't be an actress. and Shia? lay off the sauce and act..what exactly have you been in that screams Oscar winning performance?

  10. everybody has their own opinions. Some love the 2nd movie,some hated it. To me,I'm still not giving up hope on TF even if I agree with Shia.

  11. Transformers is a very different movie for a very different crowd? Come on Shia. I really feel for you having to suck it up and act in another movie that's going to make $800 million. Thanks for doing it for us "very different people."

  12. Shia should just chill out. Transformers 1 and 2 are great movies. Given the fact that Transformers 2 was being produced in the middle of a screen writers guild protest and such a tight production schedule, I would say the movie is pretty darn good if you ask me.

    Sheesh, can't people take in consideration that Transformers is not an easy task.

    James Cameron took 3 years to create Avatar and Bay took less than 2 years for Transformers 2, probably less than that.

    Both Fox and Shia are still young and there careers are still bright.

    If you ask me, Transformers is probably the best thing that will ever happen to them.


    Come on folks, be more humble and gracious for what you have.

  13. Yeah, I bet he's "hard". Seriously the quicker this movie comes out and is forgotten about the better. Roll on 2012!

  14. One has to respect Shia as well as Fox for wanting to try roles beyond TEANSFORMERS. But he must remember he owes his break to these films, so he shouldn’t feel bad about returning to his role as Sam Witwicky.

    And anyway, no true TFan would be ashamed of starring alongside a live-action robot! It brings out the kid in all of us, that’s what these films do, there’s nothing to feel wrong about! Duhamel and Gibson are fans and they’ve signed on for the last film with no qualms, so LaBeouf shouldn’t be conflicted about his decision at all.

  15. Shia shut up! Suck it up and make another Transformers Film and earn another $10 to $15 million for a few months of acting. Gee I wish I had your damn job!


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