Monday, April 26, 2010

Transformers 3 in Guam (Updated)

From is news from an US Airman ("supershaggy") that Transformers 3 production will be visiting the Andersen Air Force Base in Guam.
We all know how much Michael Bay loves to use the military in his movies and Transformers 3 will be no different. But this time he is coming to Guam and Andersen AFB. I'm an Airman in the worlds greatest air, space and cyberspace force on Guam. I received an email stating that Dreamworks is looking for 20 airmen from Andersen to be extras.
That is all the info provided so no indications on when the shoot could occur or for what scenes. Since production is heaving overseas to Africa, Moscow and China, a stop in Guam isn't out of the question. Thanks to Katie for the link.

Update: Andersen Air Force Base has responded to the rumor of a visit from TF3 production. “It’s just a rumor,” said Andersen spokesman Tech. Sergeant Mike Andriacco. That was quick response and probably a bit of a drag for any Transfans in Guam. Best get used to it, with production about to start the rumors are going to be flying fast and loose.


  1. Interesting, that they didn't say, that the Rumor is false.
    So it might still be true.

    (Just throwing in my thoughts for the topic)

  2. i like the idea of them using real members of the forces in the movies.

  3. Sorry... the story is not true....
    It originally started as an exercise scenario to see if anyone would fall for a phishing scam.... and guess what? Some did.

    It aint happening at Andersen. Besides, Guam's too small for a Transformer battle.

  4. phishing mail:


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