Friday, May 07, 2010

First Look at Bumblebee Changes

New images popped up on that seem to be more images from Fox's Transformers 3 set visit. This time they show off more of Bumblebee, giving us a look at some of the tweaks for the 2011 Chevy Camaro which will not be the rumored convertible. Below are a few images, the full gallery of twelve images can be found here.

Some of the changes according to TFW2005:
- A Carbon fiber Splitter on top of the roof of the new Camaro.
- New Side-Windows. (They are more "Pointy" than previous versions)
- New set of Rims previously unseen in Movie 1 and 2.
- New, much more open cut to keep the brakes of the Rear Tires cool.
- Black Stripes are now also on the roof of the car and carry a completely new design.
- New Side-Skirts.
- Newly added Front Splitter.
- Redesigned Fog Lights with a Guard.
- Overall Streamlined Design mimicking Chevrolet Stingray Concept (Sideswipe) with Carbon fiber Side Mirrors.
- A Rear Carbon fiber Spoiler.

I know nothing about cars so assume these are solid improvements to the vehicle. It will probably be awhile before we see how those modifications translate the Bumblebee's robot mode.



    Okay, seriously, when does Bumblebee settle down with just ONE look? The 1977 Camaro was a favourite, his definite look is the 2009 Camaro (neither too old nor too new), but now things are going just too far?

    Still looks fine, though. Now to see how Optimus is gonna look like (bet he's got a trailer this time)...

  2. Martinus Prime5/08/2010 12:03 PM

    Bumblebee looks awesome!!
    I think BB gets little upgrades to be less noticeable for the Decepticreeps.
    I'm very happy to see it's not a convertible!! Awesome rims!!

    Can't believe cars are so cheap in the U.S., here over in the Netherlands a Camaro like BB costs three times as much!

  3. i don't like the new BB. The stripes are ugly and the bumper is uglier. In the first and the 2nd movie they use the prototype camaro. Now they change it so they can sell a bunch of BB-looking camaros, bcs this is just a serial Camaro SS with new ugly bumpers. I'm Michael Bay fan but this man gone crazy for money, and btw GREEN RACHET !!!! WTF man

  4. First of all they used an actual 2010 camaro for the second movie and then just modified it. This camaro is taking the Jay Leno edition Camaro look to appeal to the younger generation. The rims on this BB are rims that GM is putting on production Camaros right now.

  5. this one isnt even he the v-8 SS from the last one. this one look more like the v-6 base model RS with body mods. I really hope Bay changes his mind and goes back to the SS model from 2

  6. i hate this new bumblebee...with all these updates he really doesn't look like a camaro at all anymore...he's starting to look more and more like a mustang which is getting to be very annoying...

  7. Martinus Prime5/10/2010 1:48 PM

    Bunch of whiners, wtf, doesn't look like a Camaro, but like a Mustang?? Get your head out a your @ss!
    The stripes are more racy looking and the bumper is less buff and more slim, that's a good thing.

  8. i agree that they should definitively go back to the 2010 camaro just like the one in the second movie. and all the new stuff added looks like crap. there is no reason to extend the stripes over the roof. also the side skirts and the front splitter make the car look like s**t. it also looks like they made the bump on the hood wider.

  9. they should definatly switch back to the 2010 camaro. the side skirts and the front splitter look like shit! the stripes extending over the top look like shit also. and there was no reason to switch it. i actually like the new rims better. but the bump on the front hood seems larger, and that just screws everything up. i also think the mirrors should be yellow like the second movie not black.


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