Friday, May 21, 2010

Matt Tieger Talks War for Cybertron

Transformers: War for Cybertron is just a touch over a month away from release and the spokesperson for the game, Game Director Matt Tieger, continues to make the rounds to talk about it. interview with Tieger focuses influence of the Generation One cartoons and characters (few highlights below) and said that all the voices other then Optimus (Peter Cullen) are new voices to the franchise. In addition, GameSpot has posted a video interview (below) that shows off new gameplay footage as Tieger essentially describes the basics of the game. The game is coming out on June 22nd.

...was there any involvement from the original show writers like George Arthur Bloom, Dick Robbins, Bryce Malek, Donald F. Glut, or maybe some others who have worked in the franchise in the past?
Matt Tieger: We did not work with the original story creators. I and many of us here at HMS are big Transformers fans so we felt confident that we could work with Hasbro and deliver a great story.

UGDB: Without giving away too much of the story can you say whether we will see the game cross over into the early season one episodes? Will we ever see Earth or is that better left for a sequel?
Matt Tieger: I’d like to keep the story under wraps. Sorry but you will have to wait!

UGDB: Will we hear any recognizable music from the franchise? Lion? Stan Bush?
Matt Tieger: I am excited to say that our music was composed by Tyler Bates from the Watchmen and the 300. He was awesome to work with and brought a lot of enthusiasm to the project. There will also be some other nice little surprises for Transformers fans…

UGDB: How about voice actors? We know that Peter Cullen is returning as Optimus Prime, are any other original voice actors making a reprise for Transformers: War for Cybertron? Have the new voice actors lived up to the legacy of their predecessors?
Matt Tieger: We worked with Hasbro and selected a compliment of great voice actors. Sound is a key component to a Transformers game, so this was something we spend a lot of time on. We had to get it right. All the voices, other than Peter, are new to Transformers and they nailed it.



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  2. I still wanna know why Welker isn't involved! The Megatron voice in the reveal trailer sounded good, but Welker should at least have been Soundwave. Guess I'll just have to hope that they got a good alternative...


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