Friday, May 21, 2010

Motor City Bumblebee "Interview" has posted an "interview" (via TFW2005) with the Bumblebee Camaro while at the Motor City Comicon. The voice is provided by Mark Ryan who voices the character for the movies and related video games. It’s an amusing tongue in cheek interview with a Transformer but sadly no info about Transformers 3. Bumblebee's choice in favorite websites could use a little improvement, but I am biased. Thanks to Christopher for the link.


  1. Yeah I always knew Bumblebee was a dirty little pervert. :/

  2. I hope that's not what his voice is gonna sound like in the third movie, assuming he will talk at least a little. I think it's random how he could talk a little at the end of TF1, and TF2 he could barely make out a "WHATEVER!" I'm sure if he does talk they will modify it slightly, like the rest of the voices.


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