Tuesday, May 11, 2010

TF3 Filming in Florida in September

Florida Space Coast, home of the Kennedy Space Center, Cape Canaveral Air Force Station and location were the shuttle launches occurs has tweeted:
Transformers 3 to film on Floridas Space Coast! Filming to begin September 2010!
On a maybe related note, this is the last year the space shuttles will be used before being officially retired and replaced at some point with new aircraft. For some reason "Sky Lynx" popped into my head over this news but there is absolutely nothing to indicate that character is appearing in the film beyond that random thought.


  1. Martinus Prime5/11/2010 6:45 PM

    Yeah, I also immediatly thought of Sky Lynx, but also Omega Supreme as launch station.
    But I think we won't get to see both of them. Definitely something with a launchbase or another spacebridge to get to Cybertron.

  2. One clue as to whether or not he's there to film the shuttle will be if the filming stays in September. STS-133, the next flight after STS-132 in May, is being pushed back from September to November. If he wants to film the launch or film the shuttle on the pad, the film schedule will have to be pushed back.

  3. Interesting, and awesome for me since I live just to the north. For a bit of interesting scuttle, there is a launch scheduled for September 16th of Discovery. Wonder if there is any intended planning around that launch.

  4. Omega Supreme! Unicron! Eff yea baby!

  5. Unless this is a retelling of Megatron's Master Plan, with the humans against the Autobots, and the Autobots being banished from Earth via a rocket launched from there?

  6. Now Transformers is truly becoming TransforMAGEDDON, with this being the second M.Bay film where the good guys go into space...

    I really, really hope that Omega Supreme is in this. The space station makes it a hopeful possibility...

  7. Am I the only one thinking of Astrotrain??


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