Monday, May 31, 2010

Transformers 3 Shaking Office Stunt?

A brief video is up on jebushchrist's flickr account that shows off what is reported to be a stunt for Transformers 3. Based on the description (below), it seems the stunt is shot in the same area were the truck stunt was performed a few weeks ago. Click here to view as not embeddable. (via AllSpark)
Full scale model of an office building, flanked by two huge hydraulic jacks that lift one end 30 to 40 feet in the air. I guess they are going to have a scene with soldiers in there while it is destroyed and collapses. A moment after this shot, two stuntmen slid down the length of the office floor. Looked like they were wearing uniforms and had weapons.

I'm pretty sure the exterior facade is an exact match of the nearby Horizons office complex (brand new but still vacant), where they will be filming some additional scenes. So I guess they will show that building collapsing. Better than having MySpace move in...

Shot at the former Hughes Aircraft factory lot in "Playa Vista". That huge building at far left is the hangar where the Spruce Goose was built or assembled.


  1. Whole lotta shaking going down...

  2. The camera shook more than the stupid fake office...

  3. well obviously shia is in an office building for this film and they get attacked and the building collapses... he did say lots of human death in this one so hopefully it will his parents or something

  4. Not a massive fan of the camera shake - or too much of it anyway.


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