Saturday, May 29, 2010

Transformers Linkfest

Autobot City Concept Designs
Click the link for three images that show off an artist concept of Autobot City that seems to be the basis of the design used in animated Transformers: The Movie. The artwork was created by Floro Dery who was the visual creator for The Transformers cartoon and the movie back in the 80s. As the art shows, the transformation of the city into battle mode played a part into the design.

Sears, KMart W4C Comic as Pre-Order Bonus
Sears and KMart are offering a Transformers: War for Cybertron comic as a pre-order bonus for the game. It is assumed it is the same comic as being offered by Austrilian retailer JB Hi-Fi which is written by Alex Irvine and art by Don Figureroa. Personally I would recommend just sticking with a free character as offered by Gamestop, Amazon and Best Buy.

Alternity Starscream Gallery
Click to view a bunch of pictures that show off the Japan exclusive toy that was released recently. While it is weird to see Starscream as a car rather than a jet, it doesn't change the fact that is one sweet figure. The gallery Skywarp, the purple and black repaint of the same figure, can be found here.

Unofficial Guide to Botcon
I have never been to Botcon but the folks at have and to help the experience go well they put together a guide that covers the basics of attending Botcon. The Hasbro sanctioned Transformers convention will be held at Walt Disney World, Florida from June 24th to 27th. The guide includes info on hotels, registration, exclusive figures, panels and more. If you’re thinking of going or plan on going, probably worth reading.

Masterpiece Optimus Prime with Clear Trailer Gallery
MP Prime is getting yet another re-release from Takara, this time limited to 2010 pieces and called MP-4S Sleep Convoy. It’s the same version of Masterpiece Prime over the years but this time painted in the "death" colors from Transformers: The Movie. Not sure why the trailer is clear but the result is pretty cool looking. Click the link above to view the full gallery.

Leader Starscream Release Date: 8/9/10
The Hasbro toy store is accepting pre-orders for Leader class Starscream and listing the release date as August 9th. This is subject to change and Hasbro has a tendency to release items before the estimated date and it doesn't account for time it may take for stores to stock it to their shelves. Consider it more of a ballpark for when to start looking for the toy.

Chrono Label Transformers from Seahope
The Transformers watch return thanks to Japan watchmaker Seahope. Currently a Japan exclusive, the toy is expected to come out sometime last 2010. The last time I remember a Transformers watch was the one I use to own (maybe still have) from the early 80s but apparently other models were released last year. No clue on price but assuming not going to come cheap.

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