Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Last Stand of the Wreckers #5 Preview

Another comic book Wednesday is coming and this week it brings Transformers: Last Stand of the Wreckers #5. This is the final issue of the mini-series that pits The Wreckers in a final fight against Overlord, who took over the Autobot prison planet of Garrus-9 and turned it into his own gladitorial arena. The covers and first six pages of the issue can be found at Comics Continuum (scroll to bottom of the page). A review of the issue can be found TFW2005. (via AllSpark)
Written by Nick Roche and Jame Roberts, interior art by Nick Roche
The endgame begins. Their teammates are dead, their mission is in tatters, and all hope is lost. Time has run out for the last of the Wreckers, who confront the maniac responsible for the atrocities of the last 48 hours. Deaths, betrayals and long-promised revelations -- truly, this one has it all!
32pages * $3.99

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