Thursday, June 10, 2010

James Avery Confirmed for Silverbolt

It seems over the weekend there was a rumor that James Avery was rumored to be dead. "Uncle Phil" from Fresh Prince of Bel Air's representative obviously felt a need to shoot down the rumor by saying that the actor is "doing great" and will voice Silverbolt in Transformers 3. This piece of info aligns with a story from February where the actor was reported to have said the same thing. No details on the Silverbolt character, who was an Autobot plane and leader of the Aerilbots in the G1 cartoons. (via The Examiner)


  1. So does this mean we're getting Aerialbots and Superion in the 3rd movie?

  2. So Silverbolt is going to sound like The Shredder from TMNT? Interesting.

  3. Martinus Prime6/10/2010 7:03 PM

    Good news, good news!!! AWESOME, the man has a great voice(for Silverblot)!!!

    I hope my dream comes true and we get Superion in the movie, the only complete combiner I had when I was a kid :)

    Or at least an ff-ing awesome long aerial-dogfight between the Aerialbots and all the Decepticon Planes, Starscream, Skywarp, Thundercracker, Ramjet and Thrust!!!

  4. Transformers is gonna be big, lots of action, less commedy, supposedly shockwave is the villian, a rumor tho

  5. Which SILVERBOLT? The G1 version, or the BEAST WARS version?

    What if maybe, just maybe, Silverbolt would be the Autobots' first robotic animal? The Decepticons have already had Scorponok, Ravage and those bug-like spies, so wouldn't it be time the Autobots had their own beasts to unleash upon their enemies.

  6. Martinus Prime6/11/2010 7:29 AM

    @Anon 6/10/2010 7:25PM:

    Are you serious?? Do you see a flying wolf in the 3rd movie??
    Come on, yes the Decepticons have animal like robots, but they were still robots, not living animals. That just wouldn't work. I thought the Pretender Alice in ROTF was on the Edge.
    A living flying wolf in TF3? Hell no.

    I´m guessing and hoping the Concord will be used for Silverbolt. I thought he would be in ROTF, since the Concord was in the museum also, like the Blackbird Jetfire.

  7. I really hope the introduction of Silverbolt the plane means we get the Arielbots....please oh please oh please I want to see Superion! Let's make this a 3 hour movie and let's home at best 2 hours is nothing but Transformers, we can have the Arielbots, give them all screen time. Who would they go up against though? Bring on the Stunticons!!! Oooohh...maybe the Combaticons!

  8. can't bring the combaticons in cuz Brawl (tank) was destroyed in the first movie and so was Vortex (Blackout)

  9. I love James Avery...saw him in a shakespeare play once.....genius.

    Aside, I am hoping we see more gestalts in this film. devastator was mildly disappointing...


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