Sunday, June 13, 2010

TF3 To Close Magnificent Mile

image from is reporting that Transformers 3 production will close Chicago's Magnificent Mile for three days (after business hours) as they film footage in the area. The site had previousily reported the productions intention of using the area for the film.
Chicago’s Michigan Avenue, also known as “The Magnificent Mile”, will be closed to foot and vehicular traffic on July 15th at 8 PM through July 19th at 5 AM for commencement of filming for Transformers 3. There will be lots of explosions and crashing cars during this time. The general public will not be allowed to enter the area directly surrounding Michigan Avenue and the filming is expected to be intense. Businesses along Michigan Avenue are currently receiving information regarding the filming schedule. This will in effect close down the busiest shopping district in Chicago for 3 & 1/2 full days! Security is expected to be very tight.


  1. Check out my video with some Shockwave concept art

  2. Who do I have to... satisfy... to get in there?

  3. Cool photoshop image. I really hope the transformers visit Pioneer Court and the Tribune Tower. (I work in the Tribune Tower)

    Heh. Too bad they took down that American Gothic statue a few months ago.


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