Thursday, June 10, 2010

Transformers 3 Villain, Plot, 3D and Trilogy End

USA Today has posted an article that reveals the most information yet about Transformers 3 including who the main villain is, what the basic plot is about, the final word on 3D, a returning cast member and more in talking with Director Michael Bay and Producer Lorenzo di Bonaventure. Thanks to Christopher for the link.
With shooting underway on a third movie and plans to debut next summer, Michael Bay and Co. acknowledge missteps with the last one and aim to upgrade the shape-shifting robot franchise with a more coherent story, less goofball humor and a pledge that characters who die will stay dead. It will also be in 3-D.

"I'll take some of the criticism," says Bay, standing at a set built to resemble a dilapidated nuclear reactor. "It was very hard to put (the sequel) together that quickly after the writers' strike (of 2007-08)."

"This one really builds to a final crescendo. It's not three multiple endings," the director says.

Bay calls the second film's villain, The Fallen, "kind of a (expletive) character." The new movie's foe is certain to make fans of the original '80s incarnation smile: Shockwave, the robot cyclops-turned-laser-cannon, who became dictator of their home world of Cybertron after the other Autobots and Decepticons journeyed to Earth.

"One thing we're getting rid of is what I call the dorky comedy," Bay adds. So the twins, the two bumbling, slang-spewing robots? "They're basically gone," he says, though John Turturro returns for comic relief.

The new film features Sam Witwicky (LaBeouf) taking his first tenuous steps into adulthood while remaining a reluctant human ally of Optimus Prime. "Shia has this great line: 'You know, I've saved the world twice, but I can't get a job,' " di Bonaventura says.

"I love Megan and I miss the girl," LaBeouf says, flecked with fake blood and dirt during a break between shooting. "But Sam and Mikaela became one character, and here ... you have discovery again from a new perspective."

Plot details are under wraps, but it delves into the space race between the U.S.S.R. and the USA, suggesting there was a hidden Transformers role in it all that remains one of the planet's most dangerous secrets. "The movie is more of a mystery," Bay says. "It ties in what we know as history growing up as kids with what really happened."

While Optimus Prime, Megatron and even Sam all have died and been resurrected, di Bonaventura says this film will have no do-overs: Die, and that's it.

Bay hints that there may be a lot of that. "As a trilogy, it really ends," he says. "It could be rebooted again, but I think it has a really killer ending."
To summarize the information:
- The movie is in 3D, no official word if shot in 3D or converted but likely the latter
- Big bad is Shockwave. Alt mode unknown, in G1 cartoons it was a laser gun and in later incarnations it was a Cybertronian tank.
- John Turturro returns and Agent Simmons
- Twins "basically gone", which I read as they come and probably go violently from the movie early on
- Plot focuses on the "hidden" story behind the space race of the 60s through 80s.



  2. sounds like a tease to me. Shockwave!!!!!!!!!!1

  3. FUCK YESS FOR SHOCKWAVE, BUT FUCK NO FOR AGENT SIMMONS, any retard could think of a better character than simmons, hes ok/good but we need brilliant/amazing

  4. TF3 will bring shockwave like a big villian but hes not he will help to the rebuild of megatron more pretty much this time alike galvatron the plop its very clear soundwave return to shockwave and give the details so shockwave return to earth with the very last decepticons alive mean while on earth Optimus knows that the end is near "they runing out of energon and with out a source of energy alike they pretty much are facing death along with the decepticons" so this time humans are getting of the robots aliens and want them to live the planet they feel very tie cause they know war and death are on the way, TF3 will bring a lot of dark very dark story witch is good anyway at the end sadly every cybertronian life vanish and with it a race of alien life. ohhhhhhh yeah before a forgot hotrod ultramagnus silverbolt and many others from G1 will show up !!!

    with love wheeljack

  5. SHOCKWAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FINALLY BAY!!!!!!


    Space race eh? Anybody say Omega Supreme?

  6. "really killer ending"

    This better be real good Bay...

  7. Omega Supreme would be F'N AWESOME!!!. Also a rebooted Megs as Galvatron, and Wheeljack too!

  8. This plot almost reminded me in the comic books in Dreamwave continuity. Shockwave rule Cybertron while everybody else left then discover within the planet and its Vector Sigma, the Matrix along with Alpha Trion. Also Earth's involvement with Cybertronian history have pretty much have secrets that seen in DW Transformers ongoing while Sunstorm have barely open up what's inside it. Shame this series didn't finish all the way. Still in the Movieverse that's a different story. Whatever going down or how the plot will reveal in time. I'll wait and see what happens.

  9. I lkie what I hear , BUT I don't want this to be the final movie in the series. I liked TF2 but they did drop the ball in that movie, and if they want to blame it on the writers strike...OK I'll give them a pass, but I look at it as they still owe us two movies! I have no problem with the idea that once their done with TF3 they can take 3 or 4yrs off before they do another.

  10. did anyone else have trouble reading wheeljack's comments!!! english 101 wheeljack! good ideas though...i can only hope omega's in it along with ultra magnus!

  11. Sounds good. Please give Soundwave a more prominent role!

  12. Another exploration into Earth's history and its hidden connection to the TransFormers... works for me, especially since it's less mythical and more space-age stuff.

    The Twins sound like either they will be regulated or will mature. I can't see M.Bay killing off his favourite Autobots, and anyway a black Bot already died (he screwed Bonecrusher pretty good, but he's a Con)...

    And does the overall plot sounds like Optimus and Megatron... unite, to stop Shockwave?

  13. As long as Optimus doesn't die AGAIN, I'm good. *crosses fingers*

  14. Martinus Prime6/11/2010 9:07 AM

    All in all good things to here from Bay and DiBonaventura except for the supid 3D!
    Good thing they get rid of the dorky comedy and good thing Torturro-Simmons stays, I love Simmons, hilarious!! He´s the only comic relief tohether with The Witwicky´s we need in the movie!
    Soundwave has to have a lot more screentime on earth, this time!

    Yeah, I also had trouble reading WheelJack´s comments.
    He spoke of energon, I have never seen any cube of energon or what so ever in the movies, what is up with that?? Not that it worries me, it belongs to the background, the battles are far more important, but it would be nice to see them get some energon they need.

    And the Killer Ending, Optimus will says: One will stand, one shall fall!!!
    Megs will fall, Bay can´t let Prime die again!!!

  15. Now this has me excited and love to hear that there's actually will be consequences so if you die, it better mean Anyway, the addition of Shockwave is exciting to the story and screams of DW. They should then call this one War and Peace.

  16. OMG why does it have to end ?????

    why can't they take a break and then shoot another one....

    but this one sounds like really good ending...and i really want to see more of Soundwave because he looks strong and i look forward to see him fighting against optimus...

    but plz plz don't kill optimus this time because i dont want to get dispointment from the movie!!!(I liked the last one very much!)

  17. like I said: Transformers: Day of Reckoning is the name of the 3rd film

  18. Bay himself is telling that the movie will flop.. he talks about a reboot.. he knows that without Megan Fox the whole "discovery again" thing for Sam Witwicky with the topmodel is going to kill the movie already.
    Then the whole plot idea either is fake or is pretty poor writing.
    Transformers3 is going to flop.

  19. oh shut the fuck up with the movie will flop without megan, this movie is gonna blow at box office.its about transformers not humans!!

  20. @"Anonymous 6/11/2010 12:57 PM"--This movie is going to flop. Bay himself said so on that interview.

  21. you shut up you idiot im fucking tired of hearing the film gunna flop without megan fox!!how bout you go to your room and stare at a picture of megan fox while you fuck your self.......get out of here megan fox fans!!this is transformers territory!! agreeing with 6/11/2010 11:46.....TF3 will be badass!!!!!

  22. hey do you mean 6/11/2010 12:57.......idiot

  23. Shockwave, huh? Nice! It's about damn time. Although I'm really wondering if he's going to be THE main villain or if he's simply just going to be one of the main villains. Because Megatron and Starscream are still out there. And as I seem to recall, Shockwave was extremely loyal to Megatron and he would always bicker with Starscream for Megatron's attention.

  24. So now that everyone connected to the movie has called it a piece of shit , all those people that wrote in calling it the best movie ever can go back to watching care bears .

  25. Whenever these jokers use words like crescendo, direction , mystery etc ...everyone should be getting very worried

    100 bucks ..this movie will be worse than or more childish and incoherent than the second

  26. legends ravage:
    Battle blades optimus prime:

  27. hunt 4 decepticons site lauched:
    news from first mission Bumblebee battles axor(A WHITE LOCKDOWN REPAINT!!!!!!!)by ramming into axor
    note: cannot use same code twice

  28. All Bay meant was that this film's conclusion would finish off the storyline started in the first film in such a way that if TPTB ever want to do another one, they would have to do a reboot(of sorts). He's not saying there will definitely be one.

    It's exactly the same thing that Christopher Nolan has said about his third Batman film(that will hopefully shoot next year). He plans on finishing up the story for his version of the characters. He, like Bay, has also said that if TPTB want another Batman film down the line, they'll have to do a reboot as well.

    I like this approach personally. I'd be happy if both these films are the capstones for each franchise... it's called closure! A story without an end is one that is incomplete.

  29. this movie gunna flop without megan.....megan fox made transformers its gunna flop

  30. And Transformers reboot in 2013 or 2014. Thanks to you Michael Bay.

  31. fuck you 6/11/2010 9:50pm you dont seem to get it. it will flop and make and only make 1 million without her beauty and love for sam the film is gunna fail.....

  32. the true fan 1016/11/2010 10:26 PM

    and you 6/11/2010 5:14pm can go and fuck yourself while us the remaining loyal fans that actually like the movie designs enjoy how badass it will be

  33. I'm not into seeing prime getting owned. I want to see him rip some shi* up and not look back. No adding parts, etc. or any of the cocka mammie bs. Straight cock diesel!!! The Decepticons feared him!

  34. then you should have saw the forest battle......good times.........good times


  36. Shockwave as the main villain? Meh... I was hoping Bay would bring on Unicron if this is indeed the last Transformers they make for a while. :(

  37. @DarthMuppet: TPTB what? This is not a tv series. TPTB is not producing. Hasbro, Dreamworks, Paramount are producing.

  38. Please tell me you're joking and that you really do know what TPTB stands for.






    I weep for the future. This is usually where I would insult you for being so dense, but I'd probably get stuck having to explain to you what I meant.

    Not even worth the effort.

  39. Clearly it seems Bay & Co. got the message from Hasbro about the toilet humor. I expect this film to be darker and more serious though Bay will still find places for some comedic moments. I wouldn't be suprised if they kill off Megatron at the start of the film with Shockwave so as to insert him as the new villian. Does having transformers involved w/ human space exploration reference any of the G1 cartoons? I expect that regardless of what happens this will be Bay's last Transformer movie, then Hasbro/Paramount will reboot the franchise and start over they way Batman, James Bond and now Spiderman have.

  40. bring UNICRON bring UNICRON >>>>>>

  41. Many people didn't know what TPTB meant, what's the matter with you Darth?

  42. Shockwave concept art image.

  43. Ummm... yeah, so many people posted saying they didn't know what TPTB meant... err, wait a sec... No they didn't, that was just you.

    Honestly, and I mean no offense by this, but are you by any chance new to the internet?

  44. I had to look up TPTB. another acronym...wonderful.

    that shockwave concept art is too close to Megatron in the second movie. I'd hope for something different.

  45. Ummm... Nahhh, too easy...

  46. This movie is going to suck donkey dick. No Megan, no Twins, no Unicron. This will be 2011's worst film ever. I am glad this trilogy is ending, so someone can reboot the shit out of this in 20-30 years.

  47. aw shut up..dick

  48. Martinus Prime6/13/2010 10:05 AM

    It's a downfall that this blog has become a hate zone. Non fans that bash the movie's and saying it will suck and flop, cause Megan isn't in it....on and on and's tiring to read all this shit.
    And claiming that Bay said the movie will flop?? Most stupid thing I ever read, how dumb would that be, a director saying his movie will flop.

    That'll probably be the reason why LionBoogy and other frequent former visitors aren't posting anymore

  49. @Martinus Prime: Read above what Bay said:
    ""Bay hints that there may be a lot of that. "As a trilogy, it really ends," he says. "It could be rebooted again, but I think it has a really killer ending."""

    Does he sound like a director trusting his own franchise? He seems aware of the fact that Transformers3 is highly likely to flop and there he announced that he is quitting the franchise and that Hasbro is going to reboot the series with a new director and new producers.

    Without Megan Fox the movie is doomed to fail. It seems that Michael Bay now understands his own mistake but he is too arrogant to pay Megan Fox more asking her to reprise her role of Mikaela Banes to use the original ready script as of May 17. The worst will happen if the new topmodel is going to play Mikaela Banes, that would be way worse.
    But anyway Transformers3 is flawed deep down to the core now. Without Mikaela Banes played by Megan Fox: 1) The Megan Fox sex symbol factor is lost; 2) Sam Witwicky and Mikaela Banes as a couple in love that the first two movies spent so much time to develop won't make any sense anymore; 3) Sam Witwicky having sex with another girl, falling in love with a topmodel whatever character she might play (and she looks a lot older than Shia LaBeouf) just doesn't make any sense and it's not going to work.. Sam Witwicky was in love with Mikaela Banes since they were little kids. It's like having Peter Parker falling in love with a new girl which is not Mary Jane.. a concept that ruined Spiderman3 BUT Spiderman3 still had Kirsten Dunst playing the role of Mary Jane, that is why the movie was still a huge success despite its flaws.
    Then add to that: 1) Shockwave as the main villain on Transformers3 ? Is that a joke? Really? That always was a minor pretty background Decepticon character, not a main villain for sure. Why no Quintessons? Why no Unicron then? Better would be to have Megatron turned into Galvatron by Unicron, it would work better than Shockwave alone for sure; 2) The USA Vs USSR Cold War plot... it doesn't sound that cool.. it might be delivered in a nice way but given all other production issues already going on and created by Michael Bay, Steven Spielberg and Paramount by firing Megan Fox first .. it doesn't look any good for sure.

  50. I hope that this is part of his misinformation campaign. Hasbro and paramount would be to stupid to let it end if the movie doesn't flop which it won't.

  51. This is my assumptions for what will happen

    - Sam gets an office job and now he's really trying to live a normal life
    - The autobots have been in hiding but after the incident from the last movie the people of earth are trying to get rid of the autobots
    - The humans take it upon themselves to get rid of any transformer, good or bad
    - Sam's parents will end up getting killed i believe to give the movie a deeper purpose
    - The new girl will not be sam's love interest but probably a co-worker he has the hots for
    - Bumblebee will end up sacrificing himself to save Sam in some way since he basically has been the main character since the first movie.
    - Hopefully the transformers give the humans some kind of weapon technology so they can help defeat the decepticons
    - And finally, bay will once again go out with a bang and make sure the fans get what they missed from TF2

  52. Who cares about box office as long as the movie is good. You are in all honesty one of the dumbest human beings on earth. Megan Fox is whats been holding transformers back. Lord of the Rings didnt have a tanned skinny slutty sex symbol and it made much more money and got much better reviews.
    Action movie = Billion at box office
    Megan fox film = $22.52 at the box office
    get it through your head you fucking retard, they can easily make a better character than mikela any one could.
    Unicron wouldnt work, it would be like galactus in fantastic 4 2, no one not even speilberg would be able to do it so that it wouldnt be absolutely retarded. Quintessons? STFU. Shockwave is an amazing character, he is more powerful than megatron in most incarnations and besides they are only going to use the name and a few design features, hes not going to be an underling of megatron they are going to make a whole new amazing character with just a few things from the original.

    Your acting like mikela is the best character ever seen in anyfilm. Get it through your fucking little head that they can think of a better character in 2 seconds. She was hardly even developed. If you like megan so much go to the Jonah Hex blog, if you like box office so much go to the avatar blog.

  53. I have to agree with this last comment, first off shockwave is way more known then quintessons and I believe to be far more interesting...sam and mikeala didn't like each other since they were little kids, just high school so that much of a history between the two, and frankly..I never went to transformers to see megan fox, it was all about the 'bots. Losing Megan fox is not that big of a deal. And I don't understand why just because Bay says the franchise might get a reboot, people assume it's going to suck automatically.

    Not all movies are rebooted because they are bad (just most of them) some are just rebooted for the new generation of audiences, and besides, rebooting films is quite the trend anyways for any movie franchise. I think Bay has faith in what he is doing.

    In the end to the guy making the big complaint about this movie going to flop..seriously you assume too much and also ask for stuff that in all honesty, would make the film somewhat over the top. Let's give TF3 a chance.

  54. I like Megan Fox. She is extremely sexy onscreen and I actually thought she was a pretty good in both Transformer films. Having said that, she isn't what made the movies fun to watch, nor was Shia. I go to see these movies for the Robot action not the latest young starlet. If you guys love Megan Fox so much, please go watch Jonah Hex! You will one of about ten people that do next weekend.

  55. the true fan 1016/13/2010 7:29 PM

    finally someone understands......thank god!!!!

  56. yes an another one understands!!!......get the fuck out if here!!! megan fox fans this is transformers territory!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. Come on Micheal bay! Go for 4th and a 5th movie.
    because there is still Unicron, and Galvatron. And don't forget the Dinobots too. Go bay for 5!!!!!!!! Don't quite at 3.

  58. Thank fuck people agree with me, the one thing i hate about being a transformers movie fan is that most of the other fans are just idiots, its good to know theyre are at least a few that can talk sence.

  59. Apparently, we have some people here who are unfamiliar with term "Trilogy". That's what Michael Bay is making with his third Transformers film, the third act in his trilogy. In order for a trilogy to feel complete, the story has to be brought to an end, or at least a point where there is closure for the majority of the characters and their story arcs. Why wouldn't he be talking about this film being his last? He's finishing the story he started with the first film. That doesn't mean he thinks the film will flop or that he thinks it won't be any good. He's simply putting an end on the story. That's it... nothing more, nothing less. All he meant by the reboot comment was that, well... Paramount will most likely make a killing off the third film and want more, but because of the way Bay is ending this one, in order for them to bring back certain characters, they will have to do a reboot of sorts. This stuff ain't rocket science guys... seriously!

    This next bit refers to a different trilogy, but they are relevant here. This is Christopher Nolan talking about why the third film in the Batman films he has made will be the last and if the studio wants more, they will have to do a reboot...

    “Without getting into specifics, the key thing that makes the third film an great possibility for us is that we want to finish our story. And in viewing it as the finishing of a story rather than infinitely blowing up the balloon and expanding the story . . . I’m very excited about the end of the film, the conclusion, and what we’ve done with the characters. My brother has come up with some pretty exciting stuff. Unlike the comics, these thing don’t go on forever in film and viewing it as a story with an end is useful. Viewing it as an ending, that sets you very much on the right track about the appropriate conclusion and the essence of what tale we’re telling. And it hearkens back to that priority of trying to find the reality in these fantastic stories. That’s what we do.”

  60. i love you guys...................

  61. About Shockwave, if he really would be the main villain of the film, then I'mn sure Corey Burton won't return to voice him. The main villain deserves much more evil sounding voice.

  62. CAPT AMERICA and GREEN LANTERN pop a cap up your jaws. So speaks THOR.

  63. Here's what I think about all of the news concerning TF3:

    1. First, it looks like Mr. Bay is determined to fix some of the glaring plothole that were in TF2:R0TF even though I enjoyed that film as much as I enjoyed TF1.
    2. Yay that Simmons and the Twins are back, Shockwave will be the big new Decepticon, Silverbolt and Hotrod will probably be the two new Autobots, and it looks like Leo is long gone!!!!
    3. I am a little dissapointed that Megan Fox will not be back. I am uncertain about this new girl.
    4. I've got a bad feeling that good old Bumblebee may get whacked in this film. I LOVE BB!!!!! HE IS THE HEART OF THE MOVIES!!!!
    5. I am looking forward to seeing this film in IMAX 3D! That should be great!
    6. Last, but most certainly not least, I am very curious to see what role Ken Jeong from " The Hangover" has in this film. HE IS FREAKING HILAROUS AND TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!
    Well that is all for now. As Optimus Prime would say, " AUTOBOTS, TRANSFORM AND ROLL OUT!!!!"

  64. Gotta wonder if the Twins will combine in this... that might get rid of them...

  65. Matinus Prime6/14/2010 6:09 PM

    @Anon 6/3/210 12:58 PM:
    For god sake, what kind of ignorant dumb-ass are you, like DarthMuppet said, you apparently don´t know what a trilogy is.
    I don´t even read your comments anymore, it´s the same every time, over and over....What a sad little life you have....
    Please stay of this blog and go to the Jobah Hex blog!!! Why the fuck are you here??
    It´s obvious you´re not a Transformers fan! Stay away!

  66. @Matinus Prime: you and others insulting people and telling that a good movie would be just giant robots fighting with no humans and humans don't matter would be true Transformers fans instead,uh?
    You never watched any Transformers series before otherwise you would know how important Spike and Carly and their son Daniel were on G1 just for example. Telling that humans are not important on Transformers it's just insane and untrue.

  67. Hmm Shockwave vs Megatron sounds good.After all it's the last movie,and it needs an epic battle.If it's gonna be in 3D,that means bay will give ous cybertron.And some words for the Megan Fox stalkers,the world is not going under if she's not in the third movie!I liked her to in the first 2 movies, but now she's gone get over it!Megan Fox dont give a shit about the movie anymore,she hardly even wanna come back so STFU up with your "the movie is gonna flop"!In fact Megan Fox is a real bitch the way she talks.Rosie is not as hot as Megan but give her a chance!Megan Fox is not the biggest problem now!The biggest problem is if the story will work!!!

  68. Martinus Prime6/15/2010 11:33 AM

    @ignorant anon 6/14/2010 7:17 PM:
    I never said humans don't matter in Transfomers.
    And I never watched Transformers??? I'm a huge G1 fan all the way!! You're the one that isn't a Transformers fan! If you're insulted, that is cause you ask for it. You are the one claiming TF3 will fail cause Megan Fox isn't in it and the Spike/Carlt storyline is lost, over and over and over again.....get over it, puny anon.
    Once again, Transformers doesn't evolve around the lead-character's girl!
    You even never commented on how awesome it is that Shockwave is in the movie.
    Now please stop reacting with your dumb arguments.

  69. there is absolutely no doubt about it - The Third movie will suck ass for the following reasons

    1. Michael bay is the director
    2. Michael Bay is the director
    3. You fans are bunch of Muppets who will buy into any sort of nonsense that is transformer related
    4. Michael bay is the director
    5. There will be no script
    6. Regardless you muppets will cream yourself seeing a robot transform into a car
    7. Michael bay is the director
    8. There will continue to be bad humour
    9. There will be many plot holes
    10. Michael Bay will not care or try because you muppets will ensure he laughs all the way to the bank

  70. @Martinus Prime: Shockwave has always been a background Decepticon character in the series, a bit more expanded his role was in the comics. Period. It's a really bad decision to have him as the main villain for the movie that is going to end the trilogy and the franchise by Bay and Spielberg before a reboot takes places with other producers/directors as Bay practically announced.
    Where is Unicron? Where are the Quintessons?
    Shockwave main villain? Tsk!

  71. Martinus Prime6/16/2010 5:27 AM

    @anon 6/16/2010 2:39 AM:
    There is no reboot announced, Bay only said, that if Paramount wants to go on, they have to reboot it with others, cause this is the final chapter of his(Bay's) TRILOGY.

    Unicron wouldn't work imo, look at Galactus in F4 Rise o/t Silver Surfer, he would be way too big. And I don't like the Quintessons that much to be in the movie, that would be waste of money, cause they won't be in a action sequence, and that is what we need. Maybe in little scene like the Primes in ROTF.
    Shockwave as main villain when Megatron die's? Yes!

  72. I'm not sure I believe what Bay is saying about the plot and Shockwave as the main 'bad guy'. Bya is notorious for misleading us TF fans with his 'plot' leaks. And am I the only one that wants to see Soundwave as a robot and not floating around with some space junk?

    I mean, who really cares about the Cold War. I'm sure it'll be something like the Autobots helped the humans get to the moon or the used them to try to find energon. The whole Cold War angle just sounds a little too far fetched to me.

    It will be nice to see Shockwave. I'd like to see as many G1 characters as possible. And why couldn't they use the dinobots? In ROTF it's says that they'd been on earth for a few millenium, so is it impossible that they couldn't use them? I mean they had a robot that disguised it's self a a hot girl in the last movie...

  73. Omg what is it with people saying this movie is a fail without fox... Yea ok she's hot, I wouldn't say no! But for fuck sake!! Haven't u realised that this is called "transformers" it's focused about robots... The cartoon was, the games were the original movie was, so this should too! and if people don't want to watch this because fox ain't in it, then ur watching the wrong film guys, u might as well go and watch porno... Cos this isn't that. dnt get me wrong every film has eye candy but their are hotter girls than megan fox. like the news about shockwave tho... Let's hope airrade and silverbolt join the club... Now I wish they left out jetfire in tf2 and had the 3 guys together

  74. I think sam will die in the movie

  75. Flop, it will flop, the reason you guys flip out when we say flop is beceause you know it will, you cant take a character out from the third movie just as it started to form from the first 2, bay should just retire the film to another director or reboot it in a few years, its pointless to make this last movie, hell if you really want kill off shia and megan the movie would make more sense but for now most likly a flop...first two movies were great tho :) quit bitchin

  76. when he says it will have a killer ending i think he means that Unicron we devour everything...if u watch the preview and know me looks like Unicron(is a planet)is somehow the moon...which if true would be Aweeesome...


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