Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Transformers: Prime Bumblebee Revealed

The Licensing International Expo continues and with it is a full body reveal of the CGI/cartoon version of Bumblebee for Transformers: Prime. The picture removes any doubt that Prime is at least based on the movie design for Transformers. It remains unclear if the cartoon has any relationship to the movies beyond a source of design inspiration. I just wonder when the toy leaks will start. From Hisstank.


  1. You are really crediting the wrong site by crediting Seibertron. It was posted on Hisstank and then TFW2005, just like the poster from TF3 which i found while doing some research. It's frustrating seeing seibertron claiming the finds when in fact they stole it from elsewhere.

  2. I don't disagree but sadly trying to figure out which Transformers site posted it first is a bit difficult. To me, the most important thing is to make sure to give the true origin site credit whenever possible which in this case is Hisstank. I added the "via" bit simply because I found out about Hisstank's image through Seibertron, not TFW2005.

    In some cases the origin site is difficult to find because its often really a series of "vias" were one site found out from another site, which found out from another site which...well you get the idea. But when I can backtrack to that origin site, I try to so they get the link credit.

  3. Looks like the new Transformers: Prime series is going to be a little movie based at least at this point the way the design of bumblebee goes. I have to admit, I'm kind of feeling Bumblebee's look but doesn't fit into the reporting that this series will be based on the game. I just wish we see something more concrete soon!


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