Thursday, July 01, 2010

Masterpiece Omega Supreme Fan Creation (Update)

Omega Supreme returns in this amazing fan created masterpiece that is just gorgeous to look at. Created by Seibertron's "uuser", it almost seems like a highly detailed statue that Weta might produce but this one transforms and has areas that light up. Omega Supreme is one of the first G1 characters, created as a counter to Devastator. He has experienced a bit of a revival in popularity thanks to his use in Transformers: Animated and War for Cybertron. The original G1 toy was also released as part of Takara's Encore line a year or so ago. I think the Omega Supreme Energon toy was the base of this figure but then a whole lot of detail, love and parts was piled on to create a new toy that would be more then worthy of Takara's Masterpiece line. Below are a few select images, click here for more images and details about its creation from uuser.

Update: This custom figure is now up on eBay for auction with a starting bid of $3000. At least the shipping is free. Thanks to YoboY for the link.


  1. He is selling the work at ebay. Starting bid $3000. Check it out:

  2. I thought he was a counter to trypticon?

  3. It was Metroplex vs Trypticon, which didn't happen until season 3 (post-movie) Omega Supreme appeared in season 2 and had a history with Devastator:


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