Saturday, July 24, 2010

Transformers at SDCC Day 2

Day 2 at the 2010 San Diego Comic-Con has ended and on the Transformers front IDW held its publishing panel as the company talked about its plans for the next few months.

Highlights via TFW2005:
- Ongoing will show Hot Rod's adventures in space, which is also where Starscream and his followers happen to be so an inevitable confrontation is likely.
- The Sector Seven miniseries will focus on the organizations history and Agent Simmons family's connection to it.
- Transformers: Animated's Lockdown will make his mainstream debut in Transformers: Drift #3 (out in October) and introducing a third Transformers faction.
- The Spotlight one shots are shelved for a while but a Punch/Counterpunch mini-series is in the works.
- The 13, a miniseries mentioned more than a year ago is apparently somewhat back in play with discussions going on with Simon Furman. It doesn't sound like it is even in the scripting stage however.

Other than that, really nothing else to report. Do to filming Transformers 3, Michael Bay and company is sitting out the con which is a shame since the movie will have been released by the time the 2011 SDCC rolls around. So instead here are links to a few galleries.

Sideshow Optimus Prime | SDCC Exclusive Blaster | SDCC Toy Display

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  1. You know you can take time out from TF`s to comment on your life. Trust me i dont think any of us TF fans will have problems with you posting other stuff on days when there is no new news =)


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