Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Transformers Linkfest

Another week has ended and so another linkfest to various Transformer things that interested me. Click the links below to view War for Cybertron character concept art, a look a new Josh Nizzi art, a cool Takara exclusive set, yet another Ironhide repaint, and a review of a new Generations figure.

War for Cybertron Concept Art
Click the link to view some of the art created during the development of Transformers: War for Cybertron. It includes Zeta Prime, Onslaught, Arcee, and few more.

Josh Nizzi's Robot Taekwon V Design
From the guy that created the look of Long Haul for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen has applied his skill to create the robot for the live action movie being filmed in Korea. It seems inspired or at least based on the design aesthetic created by the Transformers movie. I think the character is a shell for a human occupant to go and kick bad guy butt.

Wave 2 Power Core Combiners Gallery
Click the link to get a look at the new pack of Power Core's that will be hitting stores shelves in August or September (I think). One of the 5-packs seems to have been inspired by the G1 Protectobots but isn't a redo of that gestalt.

Sons of Cybertron Set Gallery
Yet another sign of what makes Takara a cooler toy company then Hasbro. Where Hasbro is only interested in making toys that might have mass appeal, Takara is willing to experiment and develop toys geared to the collector's market. The Sons of Cybertron set is clear versions of the Classics Optimus Prime and Rodimus figures. Same mold and everything, but with that cool transparent look and good looking packaging that allows for re-boxing for display purposes. This Japan exclusive set is schedule to be released in Fall 2010.

Recon Ironhide Repaint
It seems that Ironhide just can't get enough re-releases. Now the Recon version (black, silver with lots of weapons) is getting a new paintjob and re-released for the Hunt for the Decepticons sub-line. As tends to be the norm, the repaint is a superior color scheme to the original. This is an example of why I no longer buy TF toys when they first come out but instead wait on the repaint so can decide which version prefer.

Generations Darkmount (Straxus) Video Review
Review of the upcoming Generations toy based on the G1 character that mostly exists in the comic books. The rename is due to a licensing issue. Overall, not a bad TF, but nothing really special either. Probably worth getting whenever goes on sale. I think it should hit shelves soon.

Animated Rodimus Video Review
Another review from Peaugh, this one is for the Transformers: Animated figure that will be a Toys R Us. Not sure when it will hit store shelves but probably in the Fall. Overall if you are a fan of the original G1 Hot Rod toy, this one is probably worth adding to the collection.

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  1. The ROBO TAEKWON V looks smashing.


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