Thursday, July 22, 2010

Transformers Linkfest

Another linkfest, this time with a brief look at a life size Optimus Prime statue, more toy galleries, confirmation that the Takara Movie Masterpiece Starscream is the Hasbro leader class toy, a Pawn Star's Transformers collection, and a new toy video review.

Life Size Optimus Prime
A few weeks ago China showed off its Transformers love with an impressive 33 foot tall statue of Optimus Prime that was constructed with junk car parts. For comparison, the movie version is 32 feet tall. The statue was placed at the Bird's Nest at the Beijing Olympic Park. Thanks to TheChief for the link.

Masterpiece Movie Starscream
Click the link for a gallery that shows off the Masterpiece Movie Starscream that Takara is releasing. The gallery has the Masterpiece version photographed with the Hasbro's Leader class Starscream that started hitting store shelves. Based on the images, it is conclusive that these are identical molds with the only difference being the paint job and weapon accessory.

War for Cybertron Legends Starscream
As part of a promotional giveaway in the UK, a legends class version of War for Cybertron Starscream was created for At the link is the full gallery but overall not bad a legends figure. I wouldn't mind them creating a deluxe side for the Transformers: Generations sub-line.

Official Images of Next Wave Sets
Click the link to view three pics of official images of the next wave of Transformers toys that I think is hitting stores soon. It includes War for Cybertron Soundwave, Megatron, repaints of ROTF figures, and more. Also click here for another Power Core Combiner Wave 3.

Device Label Blaster Gallery
After much delay, it seems Device Label Blaster is finally going to get a release. Blaster is a working USB hub that works with the other Device Label Transformers with an alt mode of a laptop. Based on the images, it appears that he is probably just a tad larger then Deluxe class toys. I think he is out this fall in Japan.

Pawn Stars Transformers Collection
A few weeks ago the History Channel aired a new episode of Pawn Stars that showed off an impressive Transformers collection with a value of around $20,000. For whatever reason, this collection had a lot of duplicate copies of figures but still impressive to look at. Personally, I can't figure out why people appear on this show as the guys involved are basically just short of being scam artists, saying all kinds of nonsense as they essentially make offers that intend to give them around a 75% profit margin once they flip the item. It just seems they are taking advantage of people's lack of knowledge or desperation. In this case, Will received a pathetic offer of around $5,000 and quickly turned them down. Hit the link to view screen captures of the collection. Thanks to TheChief for the link.

Deluxe Hailstorm Video Review
Peaugh has posted another review for Transformers, this time with Hailstorm. This is part of the Hunt for the Decepticons sub-line that is starting to hit toy stores now. The figures color scheme is homage to the Generations 2 comic Mindset. Personally he doesn't do anything for me but sure others may find him interesting.

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