Friday, July 16, 2010

Transformers Live Streams, Set Images (Updated)

Transformers 3 production is in full swing in downtown Chicago in the area surrounding the Michigan Street Bridge. As the streams and images show, all that set destruction from last week was just a dress rehearsal for even more. This time though we now have live streams of some of the action thanks to WGN and "ktgeek." Embeds after the break. Thanks to cypherXR for the link.

While you’re watching the streams or in person, pay attention to any armored trucks you may see. It seems a news reports from TMJ4 in Milwaukee happened to catch a glimpse of one driving and the crew at the Don Murphy forums noticed that there might be a Decepticon symbol on the door. It’s to blurry but does have a similar shape to the faction's logo. Thanks to Eoin for the info.

Live Streams: NBC Chicago | ktgeek | WGN
Galleries: TFormers | All Spark | TFW2005 | Collecticon

NBC Chicago reports on the plans for street closings over the weekend.
Michigan Avenue between Wacker Drive and Ontario Street will close Thursday night and will remain shut down through 5 a.m. on Monday, July 19. Ohio Street will be open for local access only on northbound Michigan Avenue. Lower Michigan Avenue will be available to vehicles and pedestrians until Friday, July 16 at 8 p.m.

Chicago Transit Authority buses will be rerouted during the closure. will have up-to-date details and schedule information. Crews on the Michael Bay-directed film will be filming in the traffic circle north of the Michigan Avenue bridge and surrounded by the Wrigley Building, 401 N. Michigan Ave., and Pioneer Court, the movie's location managers said in a release.

All businesses within the closure on Michigan Avenue will remain open during the filming, with crews assisting employees and shoppers with getting to their destinations. A portion of the north side of the River Walk will also be closed. The south side of the River Walk will be open for pedestrians and for access to the tour boats and water taxis.

The WGN embed didn't that work so well so removed it, just hit the link above instead.

Update: Added the NBC live stream link, gallery from Collecticon and removed the comment about Chicago being used as Washington, DC since someone in the comments noted that cop cars with Chicago on the side is being used (duh, even posted a picture of the cop cars, just forgot). Thanks to DJ.BigTyme Beats for the additional links.


  1. There are fake Chicago cop cars and Evanston taxies and a PACE bush shelter. I think Chicago is being Chicago in this movie.

  2. Yeah, ktgeek beat me to the punch about the Chicago cop some of Chicago's buildings and architecture is iconic and easily identified. Hopefully their not planning the same kind of crazy location switching that we saw in ROTF; e.g. east-coast industrial area becomes western-pine forest or the D.C. locted Smithsonian museum has a south-western desert out back.
    We know their blending scenes since Shia and Rosie had the same costumes on in LA, Milwaukee and Chicago but hopefully they'll make it more seemless this time.

  3. That looks more like an autobot symbol to me.

  4. excellent webcam


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