Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Transformers Linkfest

More links of Transformers stuff. Below are links to multiple galleries of official images to the next few waves of Transformers, a look at Arcee, War for Cybertron Megatron, and 3 new video reviews from Peaugh.

Official Next Wave Transformers Images
Hit the links below to view official Hasbro pics of the next wave of toys in and out of their packaging. No idea when these will hit shelves but I assume it will be soon. I just can't get into Power Core combiner concept. I think it is because the mini-cons don't transform so doesn't have any value to me. I can't wait until the Generations toys hit the shelves as want every one of em. The Hunt for the Decepticons is basically a repaint fest of the first few waves of ROTF toys but there are a few new molds in the lot (reviews of 2 of em below). Do like the new Voyager packaging though (now if only Hasbro would move away from twist ties).
Power Core Combiners | Generations | Battle Ops Bumblebee
Hunt for the Decepticons | Speed Stars | Activators

Transformers: Generations W4C Megatron
Click the link to view a gallery of images of the upcoming toy. I think it should be hitting stores soon as I have read here and there that Wal-Mart and Target have finally started their Transformers reset for new product.

iGear Arcee
Another gallery this time for the 3rd party re-creation of Arcee. Called "Delicate Warrior" for copyright reasons, the expensive ($100) Transformer is the 1st time the G1 version of the character has been made into a toy for retail purposes. The result is pretty good and probably worth the cost for anyone that is a huge fan of the animated movie.

Deluxe Terradive Video Review
A Peaugh review of the upcoming Hunt for Decepticon figure that is one of the few new molds for the line. I can't say I dig the color scheme (so will wait for the inevitable repaint) but it looks like a pretty solid figure.

Voyager Highbrow Video Review
Based on a WWII Bomber, I hope this figure is sign that Hasbro is going to continue explorer the idea of Transformers with alt modes throughout history or at least post Industrial Revolution. In a rarity, this figure has no faction symbol, liking indicating he is one of the "Seekers", like Jetfire, that was introduced in Revenge of the Fallen movie. Overall a pretty cool toy that does have kibble problems. As someone that isn't big on posing, not a problem.

Deluxe Animated Ironhide Video Review
Essentially the last Animated toy to be released in the states, this Toys R Us exclusive figure is a repaint of the Ratchet figure (a tradition started with the G1 figures). Too bad the double-dipping (more like quad-dipping) with a mold has become the norm for everything single thing Hasbro creates otherwise would be cooler. Any case the figure does sport a new head mold complete with smirk. As was the norm with Animated, not a fan of the vehicle mode but did like the robot mode.

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