Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Transformers Linkfest

All is quiet on the Transformers 3 production front so seems like a good time for another linkfest. This week's edition covers more Masterpiece toy news, possible military application of TF concept, galleries and reviews.

Masterpiece Rodimus Prime Details
The first real Masterpiece toy in years is supposed to be released sometime by the end of the year and new details have shown this could be one of the coolest yet. It seems the toy has been designed to transform not only into Rodimus Prime with trailer/battle station but also into Hot Rod. Click the link above to view a few more pics of what just might be one of the best Transformers yet. Of note is the toy is rumored to possibly be released stateside sometime next year but oddly Hasbro will replace the trailer with a Targetmaster figure. I guess this is to keep the toy in the $50 or so price range.

Power Core Combiner Video Reviews
Peaugh is back with five new reviews of various Power Core combiners. I remain indifferent to this sub-line but for those that enjoy them be sure to hit the links below as may help in deciding which sets to buy and what to avoid.
Double Clutch w/ Rallybots 5-pk | Mudslinger w/ Destructicons 5-pk
Icepick w/ Chainclaw 2-pk | Leadfoot w/ Pinpoint 2-pk | Sledge w/ Throttle 2-pk

Transformer TX Flying Humvee
It seems that Transformers has inspired a new idea with DARPA who is looking for a company to develop the Transformers TX project which amounts to a humvee that can transform into a plane or copter to avoid roadside bombs. I get the feeling this will very expensive vaporware but interesting to see the TF concept expanding beyond toys.

Transformers Galleries - Hunt for Decepticons | Power Core
Hit the links above to view new galleries of upcoming Transformers. The 1st link is official Hasbro images of upcoming wave of Hunt for Decepticon toys like Battle Ops Bumblebee, Sunspot, Fallen repaint and few others. Set 2 is for two Power Core Combiners 5-packs of Protectobots and Destrons.

China's General Guan Yu Transformer
No idea what the video is for or about but it shows a classic Chinese automobile transforming into General Guan Yu at the cost of around $43,000. Not sure if the statue is part of the total cost. It looks cool and I am a huge fan of taking classic vehicles of any era and turning them into Transformers.

Masterpiece Movie Bumblebee Confirmed
It seems that Takara plans to continue the Masterpiece movie line by repurposing the Battle Ops Bumblebee toy into Masterpiece Bumblebee much like they did for Leader class Starscream. While the mold remains the same, it does seem that Takara tweaked the toy a touch by adding chrome rims, clear right hand, and additional paint details.


  1. The YouTube video is actually an artwork/video by students of the China Central Art School's arts & sculpting faculty. :)

  2. Now we finally know who and what kind of character Hardcore Eddie is: http://www.tfw2005.com/transformers-news/transformers-movie-just-movie-31/transformers-3-character-description--hardcore-eddie-170508/

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  5. Jason, if that is true, i`ld like to see if they could continue their work. It looks awesome and i would love to see a full movie or atleast a longer video with their skills.

    Josh Keating talks about his role in Transformers: Prime.

    oh, btw, i found some concept art from Josh Nizzi that Optimus Prime combine`s with his trailer i didnt have a direct link to the image so i uploaded it: http://therandomspots.blogspot.com/2010/09/movie-armada-optimus-prime.html

  6. Those concepts of Optimus look about the right scale for that blue foot prop that was photographed near the start of the Chicago shoot.

  7. Lol, typical for China.
    Now they made their OptimusPrime-Copy, judging by the Windshield.


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