Tuesday, September 28, 2010

International Filming Classified, Tyrese Tweets

A few odds and ends related to Transformers 3 production. International filming has not been completed but it is doubtful we will get a full list of locations and dates anytime soon as Nelson posted, "International locations and dates are not being released due to security issues." With filming rumored to be ending by mid to late October, I am guessing that it is the overseas filming that is next on the schedule after Florida (and DC) wraps.

Tyrese has commented a few times over the last few days about the production. One tweet verifies production has finished in Detroit when he tweeted "Detroit.... Were ALL DONE in your town.. God bless you ALL we were ALL treated with the best of respect and love..." Of note is while production is moving to Florida, Tyrese may not be with them as he posted "On yet another plane.. Headed back to the AtL got some HUGE scenes in the AM with Vin, P.Walker, and my dude @Ludacris #FF5 Full THrottle!!" He does seem to be commuting between TF3 and Fast and Furious 5 so it’s possible he isn't scheduled to join them in Florida until later in the week.

He also posted the pics of him in costume with the Ferrari and the guy to the right with comment "Ladies and Gents this is the guy thats been driving Optimus Prime in Transformers for ALL 3 Movies.. Wow!! http://twitpic.com/2skvsc" Just in case the Optimus driver doesn't excite you, he also tweeted a video interview with the voice of Prime, Peter Cullen from back around Transformers 1. Thanks to Charlotte for the info.

Update: Forgot that Washington DC is after Florida. Also, here is the quote that Tyrese posted with the Ferrari picture, "When I was Detroit I had lunch with the REAL star of Transformers... Jealous!??". Speculate away. Thanks to Charlotte for providing it.


  1. The vehicles for the Florida shoot are being stored in a warehouse off of Imperial Blvd. here in Cape Canaveral. (with 24-hour security)

  2. Any more details about the FL shoot? I'd like to drive over and watch this weekend if possible.


  3. Just checked out the SECTOR SEVEN comic preview


    A real blast.

  4. The shuttle doesn't launch until Nov. 1st I believe and they aren't scheduled to film til end of October.

  5. Raven Silverwulf9/30/2010 6:55 AM

    maybe I'm a little biased... but as a trucker for GM, it's cool to see the man behind wheel of 1 of the 2 coolest rigs in the world. It's a toss up between Optimus (coolest "Street -legal Pete) and Shockwave (world's fastest Pete, powered by 3 Pratt & Whitney J34-48 jet engines laying down 36,000 hp & 18,000 lbs of thrust)

  6. Next due that draws a Transformers comic should have a last name of Tyrese..FIGUEROA!111


  7. guess that means the ferrari has the bigest part in TF3 that should be cool...

  8. That's got to be Hot Rod, I'm calling it.


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