Thursday, September 09, 2010

More Detroit Set Pics

Transformers 3 production remains on hiatus but preparation seems to continue at the Detroit Packard plant. J1000, who provided the Detroit set pics from the other day, returned to the set and provided the below set report and photographic proof that Director Michael Bay is on site. To me this indicates it is probably just a matter of days before production starts back up.
Well, the set has changed slightly; now the large black weapon/jet/whatever is situated under the train section in the plant (hard to tell in the pic due to the angle, but one of the "engine" sections can be seen in the right edge of the first photo, just over the top of the fence/pallets). I saw them putting it in place with a crane yesterday. The black GM "government" SUVs are here; one can be seen just beyond Prime's trailer in the second pic. Most importantly, Michael Bay is here! I got a chance to meet him while he and some crew were walking the perimeter of the set, blocking/framing some shots. He was really cool and stopped to take a picture with me.
While Michael Bay does have a reputation of being a bit of a hard-driven a%@ on set, he has consistently shown friendliness to fans that I have not really seen in other directors or stars. Hate him or not, he does deserve credit for treating the fans with respect in an age when most Hollywood stars can barely be bothered to acknowledge you exist unless you pay them (go to a convention for evidence). Thanks to J1000 for the pics and report.


  1. The way this is shaping up, I call Astrotrain.

  2. J1000, he wouldn't let you in on any plot details?

  3. i always like BAY his movies are awsome i love whats his doing to the transformers franchise the other day i was looking at the list of the top box office movies of all times and transformers 2 is on number 11 wow thats frigging impresive...transfomers 3 should be in number 5 cus it well be in 3d and it should be alot better then part 2 ...go!!!!BAYFORMERS!!!!!


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