Monday, September 13, 2010

Shia Comments on Set Safety

While at the Toronto Film Festival to help promote Wall Street 2, Shia LaBeouf spoke briefly about set safety for Transformers 3. I am sure he is going to get asked this a lot in light of the serious injuries that occurred on September 1st to Gabriella Cedillo on the Indiana TF3 set.
"I got some scars, but I'm good," he explained. "They're hard movies to make...It's a very safe set. These are professionals. These are the best at what they do. Things happen all the time, but in life things happen all the time."

The 24-year-old actor said despite director Michael Bay's love of explosions, he's never felt at risk. "You've got the be weary and attentive to what's going on," he continued. "You're always informed of where the bomb is... or, you know, the mine field but, I never feel unsafe."
I have not seen or read any current updates on Mrs. Cedillo’s condition. As of early last week she remained in a medically induced coma after brain surgery. There also have not been any updates on what occurred that day with conflicting reports that she was involved in a stunt and reports that she wasn't.

A trusted source tells me that the filming on that Wednesday was a repeat of a "gag" on Tuesday that involved 3 vehicles being flipped with cars crashing and a larger vehicle crashing through others on one side of the highway with the extras on the other side. The stunt on Tuesday resulted in a blown shot from the cars flipping too early requiring the Wednesday repeat. The 80 or so extras were in the eastbound side with stunt drivers in the lead and the fast lane left open for the camera car. The actual stunt was to occur on the westbound lane, using only stunt drivers, no extras. A stunt was being filmed but the extras were removed from it by a concrete median and a lane of traffic. The extras' job, as expected, was to just be traffic on a highway. The talk of her car being towed has not been collaborated nor have really any of the details the press attempted to report. So far there has been no official response from investigators nor Paramount on what occurred. Thanks to Margarita for the link.

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