Saturday, September 18, 2010

TF3 Detroit: Grand Circus Park, Central Station Pics

Transformers 3 production continues in various locations around the city. A Grand Circus Park building near Washington Street remains a likely location of a four story explosion according to info surge29 received. No details if it means the building will be actually demolished or just rigged to appear to have been. The first set of pics below are from the location along with the various set dressing that seems similar to debris seen in Chicago.

According to The Detroit Times blog filming also occured at the Falwell Building that was in 1915 and abandoned since 1984 but given it a face lift by TF3 production. Of note is the torn green awning matches the one at the Circus Park (6th pic) so either the two spots are related or the parking lot is serving as a convenient storage location for the large props.

It seems the next location on the schedule is a return visit to Michigan Central Station which was last used by Michael Bay for the first Transformers movie. Surge29 visited the site and provided pictures of the crew prepping the location (2nd set below) for filming. He learned the location will be part of a major action sequence were the building is used as shelter by Sam and Rosie with possible assist of Optimus Prime and Lennox. It was thought filming that would begin next week.

However, The Detroit Times reports that filming has wrapped there before moving on to the Lafayette and Howard at 6th Street location that was used for that big gun filming thing from Tuesday. It seems another filming spot is (or was) at Lafayette-Howard Street. Unlike Chicago with filming on busy city streets requiring advance notice, Michael Bay has been sticking to a mostly abandoned portion of Detroit so there isn't any free flow of information to nail down a specific schedule of locations. The blog also said that filming "should be wrapping up in Detroit sometime next week." Thanks to Surge29 for his efforts and pictures.


  1. From the small amount of debris it looks like either not all the building will be blown up (Imagine a repeat of the Rooftop scene in TF1) or that they have a secondary location and this will just be to film the explosion and probably wont have much of the human cast there (They`ll film on the other set)

  2. A friend of mine from Detroit, says theyre next shooting at the legendary Fisher building. Used to work at a radio station :)

  3. Transformers: Sector 7 won't be prequel comic to Transformers 3, but comic named Transformers: Foundation will be:

  4. Yes, they were at the Fisher too, on Monday. Josh Duhamel was standing barely 8ft. away from me!


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