Wednesday, September 22, 2010

TF3 Detroit: Smoking on Set

Transformers 3 production continues in Detroit. Thanks again to J1000 we now know they have returned to Packard Plant complete with video (below). He also provided some details on continued set prep and what he was able to spot at the locked down location.
They were filming most of the day at the Packard Plant again; it looks like the ship prop is back near the train wreck again as well. I saw the Wreckers there today, as well as the rest of the Autobots that have been here the last few days. Downtown, the Farwell building set looks like it's pretty close to finished, as well as the building at Clifford and Woodward. There are now fake deli signs in the window advertising specials, etc, as well as a new damaged sign being hung up. The streets are starting to get blocked off, and there is lots of video/power cables run all over. At Central Station, preparations continue as well, with "rubble" now leaned against the front of the station, and on top of the Chicago cabs to appear like it's collapsing somewhat. There is a lot of cabling run around the perimeter of the building externally here as well, so I assume they'll be filming at these spots in the next couple days. At the lot where all the damaged cars and rubble are being stored, I saw them loading up some rubble and trucking it off to a set. Looks like they're going to be really busy shooting the next few days. I've got some video of some of the smoke/fire, etc at the Packard Plant today as well.


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  1. Me and a friend from work walked around the area of Woodward and Clifford and there is A LOT of prep going on. I'm thinking there are going to be some great chase scenes or explosion filming going on soon. Not only was there a lot of cabling running down the sidewalks, but some of it was actually run up the side of a building. I can only assume this means they will be filming something from a rooftop.

  2. filming starts thursday at woodward and clifford web page tells about it


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