Thursday, September 30, 2010

Transformers Linkfest

No new news yet for Transformers 3 in Florida so here are links to galleries and reviews of upcoming toys that will be hitting toy shelves over the next few months. Make sure to view the sweet fan created film that is a nod to the Nokia robot from the first film.

Generations Wreck-Gar
The Transformers Collector's Club has provided the first look Wreck-Gar. I believe the last time we saw this character was for Transformers: Animated and now we are getting a Generations line toy that is closer to his G1 origins. While the robot mode is pure G1 goodness, his alt mode is no longer a motorcycle. The figure is coming sometime next spring.

Transformers Camera Battle
Below is a sweet Transfan short film that pits two transforming cell phones against each other, using the transforming Nokia phone design and sounds from Transformers. Over all a pretty sweet looking and highly detailed creation that is worth watching. Thanks to Arthur P. for the link.

Costco Limited Edition Battle Ops Bumblebee
Hit the link to view an edition of Battle Ops Bumblebee that sports a metallic paint job along with legends Bumblebee and Mudflap. Based on the images, if thinking of getting this version of Bumblebee this might be the one to get.

Upcoming Transformers Galleries - Wave 4 toys | Mindset and Fallback | Powercore Dinobots | Alliance Ironhide
Hit the links to view the rest of the various images of the next wave of Transformers toys from Hasbro. By some reports, many of these toys will hit shelves starting in November to take advantage of the Christmas buying season.

G1 Optimus Prime Matrix of Leadership Kit
Hit the video below for a review of a non-Hasbro kit for the various releases of Generation One Optimus Prime (or Classics Prime) that gives him a the Matrix, jet pack, new fists, sword and G1 cartoon accurate gun. The cost is for the set is around $20. Have to admit I am seriously considering getting this kit for by G1 re-issue Prime.

Transformers Classics Hot Rod Video Review
A look at the Classic line figure that I think was actually released a few years ago. I don't think this is being released with the current Generations line. Really no idea what he means by "protected armor". Any check it out if you are curious.

Battle Hooks Optimus Prime Video Review
A Peaugh review of the Takara version of this Voyager class Prime and provides a comparison with the Battle Swords version that it is a re-release of.

Hunt for the Decepticons Tomahawk Video Review
The last review is for Deluxe Tomahawk with helicopter alt mode. One of the few new molds for the Hunt line, the result is a pretty solid figure in both robot and alt mode.


  1. I believe the figure and the vehicle have nothing to do with each other. None of the wheels match and you can clearly see how the figure turns into a bike.

  2. By "Protected Armor", he's probably referring to the "Protector" addon set that FansProject is releasing for the figure later this year. It's a set of armor that basically converts him to Rodimus Prime (it's addon armor + a battle station that combines into a trailer.) Comes with a Hot Rod styled Roller, and there's a sold-separately Targetmaster that can interact with the set FansProject's also making.

    The original figure came out in 2006, the Henkei version came out in 2007, I think, and there's a new version in an Asian-market exclusive 3pack with redecoes of Galvatron and Cyclonus as well. (Not to mention the clear version, the Wildrider repaint, the Botcon SG Rodimus repaint and the RiD Sideburn repaint the TFCC is making next year)

    Also, if you're linkfesting, there's a bunch of stock photos of some of the new Generations figures coming out at the end of the year (Thunderwing, Skullgrin, Cliffjumper, Tracks, Jazz) floating around on all the fansites.

  3. To whoever writes this, word has it theyw ill be filming on the pad Whether it be 39A or B on Wed. **I cannot CONFIRM this** it's what i'm hearing, and delta and Atlas rockets are also suppose to be involved. They've also said that the RSS (which encloses the shuttle on the pad) will be at it's park position to load the payload canister for STS-133. There has also been discussion of rolling the crawler up and down the ramp, for those who don't know, the crawler itself detaches from the actual pad and can be rolled away or back by itself. Dont know if this was posted somewhere else but when i saw it i thought i'd pass it along.

  4. note to above comment, if they're discussing rolling up the ramp and if they do indeed use discovery, then the launch pad would be 39A.

  5. the other vehicle (the truck) in the picture with wreck gar is generation line perceptor which is due out next spring. he was shown in hasbro's powerpoint presentation at bot con 2010


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