Friday, September 10, 2010

Transformers Not in Real 3D? False

If you are reading ScreenRant, you might walk away with the impression that Transformers 3 will not be in Real 3D but instead use the dreadful post-production process. Their "evidence" is rather flimsy. summer you will see yet another product guilty of a post-production 3D conversion. Apparently, filming did begin in 3D, but Bay opted out when the production moved to Chicago.

Considering how open the Chicago sets were to the viewing public, it’s surprising there haven’t already been more definitive answers regarding the lack of 3D camera rigs on set. ...each time I scoured the set for a 3D rig – but there were none to be found. Today’s news would explain the absence of the mammoth cameras.
Recently, Avatar Director James Cameron demonstrated on G4's Attack of the Show (below) that the 3D those camera rigs are not massive anymore, looking like any other camera rig until you get close.

Just in case you still have concerns, Michael Bay did one of his forum drive-by's and laid any doubt to rest in a post.
Who is this moron posting about what I'm shooting with??? People have no idea how hard we have worked to bring 3D filming into live action shooting. We have invented rigs and systems to place 3d cameras like no other live action movie has done before. The proof will be noticed on the final product.


Update: Added above picture of a 3D rig used in Chicago taken by admin Nelson when he commented about the ScreenRant story.


  1. Fox, sorry to burst your bubble, but it's filming in 3D. I have no problem with that as long as it's done the correct way and not after the fact.

  2. If people don't want to watch it in 3D for whatever reason, its can also be viewed in 2D just like every other movie released in 3D.

  3. James Cameron's Avatar ! its the new way of 3D movies the trick for a movie like this is to film the whole movie with 3D cameras like this one you'll see the huge mistake of conversion to 3D such are Clash of Titans, Piranha 3D if M.Bay is planing to do a conversion the movie will be just a failure in 3D but if he is filming with some 3D cameras i think we can have a very good product at the end.
    So is you're going to see a movie that show its in 3D please first do you research if the movie was converted to 3D or was film with 3D cameras or just check reviews of the movie before you waste your money.

  4. I don't know if I'll like it. The problem now with avatar is that it only works in 3d being that it's shot in 3d. The deep focus on a regular screen looks weird and dumb. Without a 3d screen the movie is null.

  5. Agreed on the point that you do get a choice in the cinema as to whether you watch it in 3D or not. Complaining about it doesn't really change anything nor stop you from having that option. It's like complaining that Taco Bell sells burritos...they do have other things on the menu and your not being forced to eat their burritos.

    Anyhoo, I plan to see this movie more than once like the previous ones, so I'll probably see it in both 3D and 2D. Plus, once it's out of cinemas and on DVD and Bluray, you probably won't have the option to see giant effin' robots duking it out in 3D again (at least in the Transformers universe....unless there's a reboot). But to each their own, I suppose. Just don't complain when you have a choice. That is all.

  6. @Reezb: you must be kidding.. really. Avatar is a null movie per se, it is weird and dumb, the CGI is just awful absolutely subpar either watching it in 3D or 2D. Also despite the claims the whole Avatar movie wasn't shot in Real 3D .. they used post-conversion for some scenes too as it was recently revealed by a Transformers franchise producer in an interview (use google and find out unless they wiped the interview from every cache because the guy told too much...).
    On Avatar the 3D is absolutely useless. Not only the CGI it's cartoonish and fake worse than an average console game but watching it in theaters getting an eye-strain to see just some objects floating above the screen it's really dumb for sure. 165minutes of agony for people eyes in theaters watching that thing.. and too many adults got enslaved and acted like sheeps.. they would tell you that Wall-E is for little kids but they will tell you Avatar is cool just because the marketing told them so and regardless of what they might really think because it's cool to bash Transformers, Iron Man, Resident Evil, Watchmen movies and franchises telling that they are garbage, without a plot, with bad acting and other silly lies but it's uncool to tell the truth about Avatar because the mass hysteria caused by the huge marketing machine enslaved a large percentage of people worldwide into repeating the mantra of telling that Avatar is the best movie ever and so on and on..

  7. @Reezb

    I've watched Avatar on Bluray quite a few times and never really noticed the deeper focus....probably because I wasn't looking for it. Never really had a problem with it. The CGI and landscapes look too good to be out of focus anyway. Just my opinion.

  8. @anonymous 9/10/2010 1:23 PM

    The argument you have (and others have) is growing old and tired. Stating that a movie that is the highest grossing of all time is that way because most of the human race are mindless sheep is insulting. Just because you don't like something doesn't mean that everyone who has an opinion that differs from yours are mindless sheep. People do have choices and based on the box office people chose that they liked the movie. Sorry you didn't, but your negative propaganda is no different and is hypocritical.

    The topic at hand is about whether Transformers (what this blog is about) is being shot in 3D or post converted, not about the opinions of whether you like or dislike a movie's plot which is totally subjective.

  9. BTW, all the best marketing in the world will get people into the theater for the first time, but the success of a movie comes from multiple viewings. Therefore, if people go to see it more than once, it's because of their liking of the movie, not because of the marketing.

  10. @"Anonymous 9/10/2010 1:40 PM Therefore, if people go to see it more than once, it's because of their liking of the movie, not because of the marketing."---That's far from true. Too many people don't think with their own brains and let others think for themselves. That is what happened with the nazi 20th Fox/James Cameron Avatar marketing machine and their mind control thing worked perfectly.
    Avatar is the biggest fraud in history ever.

  11. I stumbled on one of their open sets a week or so ago, and as a filmmaker, it looked to me like their B-cameras were not 3D. I couldn't get a look at the A camera (as that part was obviously cordoned off) but I saw a car mounted cam on a Technocrane and another camera just chilling on the sidewalk.

    I have pictures and videos of the shoot and the camera in question. I've had a few materials to send to this blog over the months, but can't find the email address to submit stuff.

    BTW, this scene was a night shoot with HUGE china balls suspended on 3 streets around 9pm a few weeks ago...a very cool looking night scene of the (S)TRONG bar, which hasn't been posted here. If I can get the email, I can send in a few iPhone pics/vids I snapped off.

  12. Martinus Prime9/11/2010 6:43 AM

    Can all you anons use a name, so we know who we're talking to?

    I agree with the anons who dislike Avatar, it's indeed a fraud, they promised us the revolution in movie watching, what a hoax!!!
    The 3D didn't do anything. The marketing was the only reason I went to see it in cinema, otherwise I would never would go see it. That's why it made so much, not cause of that people went twice.
    Avatar is an overrated videogame! I last rented the blu-ray of Avatar, I didn't miss the 3D at all

    @anons who say you have a choise in 3D and 2D:
    Idiots, you are SO WRONG, that's NOT TRUE!!!
    There are cinema's who only show the 3D version and not the 2D!!!
    I'm from The Netherlands and this month Resident Evil Afterlife come's in the theatre, and the theatre I always go to (and it's a big one), will only show the 3D version, NOT the 2D version.
    So I don't even have a goddamn choise!!!

  13. I saw Resident Evil:Afterlife yesterday...I believe it's one of the first movies comparable to a Transformers movie to be filmed with the Pace Fusion 3D camera that was used to film Avatar, Tron Legacy, and a few other movies. I say comparable to a Transformers movie in that it combines mostly live action set pieces with a lot of CGI elements.I thought the overall look was pretty good though there were too many scenes that played to the camera with bullets, debris and etc. flying directly at the camera. I left the cinema slightly more optimistic about what Bay and company will be able to do for Transformers 3 in 3D.

  14. Odd people.
    Avatar was cool.
    The 3D was cool.

    Transformers in 3D can be cool.

    As long as the story is cool.

    A lot of people dislike Avatar because it is 'hip' to dislike commercial succesfull movies (eg Titanic).

    As long as Transformers 3 will not have Rodimus Prime & Unicron we'll be fine. We also need a reasonable story element on the Mikaele Banes character.

  15. Hi,

    Just thought I'd let you know that a couple of days after publishing that we updated the post to indicate that story was incorrect.




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