Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Video of Transformers 3 Set Accident (Updated)

RadarOnline is reporting to have footage filmed while the accident that injured 24 year old Gabriela Cedillo on September 1st at the Hammond, Indiana set of Transformers 3. I had a problem watching the video on Radar but thanks to Mauricio who found the YouTube upload of it (see below). The edited video shows, multiple times at various speeds since the core part is only about 6 seconds long, is Cedillo's white Toyota clearly out of control as hit the concrete median. It seems there might have been something flung up in the air but the video quality doesn't provide enough info to tell what it is. The video really doesn't indicate what the real aftermath was as no telling how much time passed between the accident part and the part about the equipment being impounded. Thanks to Colin Hinkle for the link.
At 22 seconds into our exclusive video, you can hear a person with the film's production team counting down to cue the stunt during which a white car is seen spinning around crashing along the median. The video also shows debris on the street from where the accident happened involving Cedillo, and then we once again hear a voice at one minute and 39 seconds into our tape.

"FYI, per request of the police department everything involving this gag is officially impounded," crew member John Silvia is heard saying over the radio. "You are not to remove equipment, you are not to touch equipment... The trucks, the rigs, all of the wire, anything."
The article, of course, brings up the amount extras are paid to be on set which has long been normal for the industry. If it wasn't for labor laws, people would probably pay for the studio to be extras. Any case the press is clearly frothing at the mouth for someone to attack and will be mining this footage for drama for everything they can. Hopefully while mining, they will provide an update on Mrs. Cedillo condition. The last update from a few days ago reported she was moving in her sleep but remained unconscious after brain surgery.

Update: Added the below YouTube video of the accident and modified post text to reflect what it shows.

Update 2: From the comments, "I was there that day. The white car was not her. No extra's cars were used in stunts. She was in the same traffic lanes as this video footage. This is too far back to see her car. We were all in westbound traffic. Stunt cars and drivers were all in eastbound." Net result is we probably will not know what really happened until the police release their report and Bay and co release their own statements. Even better, Mrs. Cedillo completely recovers and we get her story too on the events.


  1. looks to me like the detonation hit 2 seconds early, someone was trigger happy.

  2. Hmmm... the video poster better be careful. Although you can't make out the driver..there are things on the video that can be used to determine his location at the time of the accident and could lead it right to the driver. I think the NDA forbids pictures and video taking while on the set and driving while operating a car could be considered not only dangerous by illegal.
    No doubt the investigation will want a copy of video because there is a lot they can tell by this to prove was it someone's on the production team's fault or drivers error. Heck even the family is going to want a copy of the video because you know there will be a lawsuit....

  3. Pretty sure the actual film footage from the camera car got more than this cell phone did. Action scenes are often filmed from more than one camera at once, so I'm sure the authorities and investigators have more than enough evidence from the actual production cameras to base their case from. Plus, based on the radio, since evidence and debris couldn't be tampered with until the police arrived, they also have that as evidence to go off of. Add to that eyewitness accounts and statements taken from the film crew. Believe me, the investigation team knows everything that happened and the matter is being taken care of the proper way.

    What pisses me off is the news reports and tabloid sites like Radar that try and discredit the production crew and claim they have insider exclusive information from "anonymous" sources trying to make them look bad.

    I agree though...the person who took this cell phone footage is probably shooting themselves in the foot.

  4. Makes you wonder if Bay was furious when this happened. Paramount must be getting their lawyers ready with $$$ offers when she wakes up or dies :|

  5. I bet the cops just wanted to impound the transformers :)

  6. I was there that day. The white car was not her. No extra's cars were used in stunts. She was in the same traffic lanes as this video footage. This is too far back to see her car. We were all in westbound traffic. Stunt cars and drivers were all in eastbound. nay precautions were taken, but things still can happen, unfortunately.

  7. "Even better, Mrs. Cedillo completely recovers"
    This makes me so glad, hearing that She's gonna recover from the Accident.

    I really wished for her to recover, so reading about her recovering, is quite the News, that I wanted to hear.
    Let's hope she'll recover completely, without any drawbacks.

  8. Nice shot of MixMaster again...

  9. could the blue semi(pulling the silver thing)
    Ultra Magnus? this is the second time i have seen it.

  10. could the blue semi(pulling the silver thing)BE(sorry)Ultra Magnus?

  11. As a witness...the white car is NOT was one of the stunt cars. You cannot see her vehicle in the video footage.


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