Thursday, September 09, 2010

White House Gets A Stunt-Double for TF3

After Detroit and Florida, Washington, DC is supposed to be the next destination on the schedule (and possibly last). According to the Washington Examiner, we have a few more details on the locations. Of note is despite the crew close proximity to the real White House, two locations are being used as replacements for the famous building. I imagine the Secret Service would have had a fit over the massive security problems it would create if actually tried to film at the real location.
The Walter E. Washington Convention Center will be used for some of the filming, a source tell us, and a number of scenes will be filmed around the National Mall and monument areas. DAR Constitution Hall and the Red Cross building also will have cameos.

"Both of those locations are used to double as the White House," explained Josh Friedman, communications director of D.C.'s Office of Motion Picture and Television Development. The Red Cross building generally is used for exterior "White House" shots, while DAR Constitution Hall is used for its interior.

Filming will begin the first or second week of October. A convention center spokesperson did not respond to a request for comment.
Over at the Don Murphy boards, the TF3 producer said "6 weeks shooting left on Transformers 3" indicating that mid-October would be the end of filming so this might be the last location shoot left on the schedule. However, there were rumors of filming in Moscow and Africa which could have been handled already by second unit if none of the main cast was involved. Basically, all we know is the schedule order is Detroit, Florida and DC. After that remains unknown. Thanks to Rumah for the link.


  1. I like your blog but when you write something that you've read in another forum please at least give a credit to the person who wrote the comment.

  2. Could you elaborate because honestly have no idea what you are talking about. I heard the news thanks to the great effort of blog readers who help keep me up to date on the latest news. It is why I make every effort to thank them (as can see in above post) because they find stuff I probably would not have if not for them so their efforts is much appreciated.

    If I do get news from forums, if check other posts here and there you will notice I do often give credit, linking to the post, sometimes mentioning the posters name etc (found a few videos that way). If I don't do that, it usually means I found the news outside those areas (say one of the 50+ websites I monitor) or again because a site reader was kind enough to send me the information.

  3. Discovery is rolling out to the launch Pad September 20th**weather Permitting**. when are they suppose to be in Florida?

  4. Not a clue. There has been a lack of dates about the schedule since Chicago, more so since that accident. I get the impression the schedule remains in flux.


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