Sunday, October 03, 2010

John Malkovich On Transformers 3 Role

Way back in March it was revealed that John Malkovich signed on to the cast of Transformers 3 and yet the only detail learned was the character was the boss of Sam. Finally, in a interview with Hit Fix to promote Secretariat, the actor finally added a few small details including the name of the character as Bruce Brassos. Based on the description he is essentially playing the equivalent of the Rainn Wilson character from Transformers 2. If watch the video, the TF3 portion starts at 2:15.
A newcomer to the series, Malkovich plays the boss of our hero Sam (the always present Shia LaBeouf) and said he was subject to only one day of action. And he bluntly and slyly describes his "loudmouth" character as, well, a "jerk." He also volunteers he had a "very, very enjoyable time" shooting with John Turturro, Rosie Perez and LaBeouf. Malkovich ends with, "For me, it was a blast."


  1. webmaster, news from KSC, this was CONFIRMED, Shooting AT LC39A(Launch Complex 39A) they are planning on doing it aroudn the time Discovery has the Rotating Service Structure(RSS) back in the parked position (meaning you'll be able to see her)With a ton of extras suppose to be also involved with this. They are also saying an Atlas and Delta rocket will also be involved in this shooting. They have been prepping the area for shooting this weekend. Real preps for the mission have been going smoothly, they hinted at fireworks (by tying it into lightning around the pad from tropical storm nicole) but that wasn't confirmed. But payload for the shuttle is set to roll out to the pad at 00:01 EDT. Wed. retraction of the RSS is scheduled for Tuesday, so they may even try to do some on tuesday, but if they said wednesday i'd wonder if they're attempting to tie the payload into the storyline. just food for thought. hope this was helpful.

  2. Thanks for the info Mr. Swipe.

  3. Rosie Pere????


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