Monday, October 18, 2010

TF3 DC: Even More Videos, Images

To my knowledge, production in Washington, DC has come to an end. It is also possible the United States side of filming has also completed. This doesn't mean that more images and videos from DC are still not popping up online. Thanks to Topherlyon who posted a nice gallery of images from filming, including confirming it was Julie White, Kevin Dunn, Shia LaBeouf, and Rosie Huntington-Whitely filming at Constitution Hall on last Sunday. The full set can be found on Flickr.

He and his brother also posted two videos (below) that they edited together of the first two days of filming in the area. The 1st video is filming at Constitution Hall, the second is a look at some of the pre-prep before the Bayhem along Pennsylvania Avenue. Overall they report seeing 4 fire fights and 1 explosion with multiple takes.

Below is also a link to a 20 minute video on Facebook (no embedding available). It shows some of the Lincoln Memorial filming including a close-up of Michael Bay, Josh Duhamel, Shia and others doing their various tasks including filming a scene of them running together towards flashing lights (probably representing a distant fire fight) along with Shia finding various ways to kill time between takes. Part of it is various amusing ways to get himself going to make it seem he has been running for a while. Speaking of, for additional amusement Shia also got busted throwing coffee on paparazzi while in DC. Thanks Adam for Facebook link and rumah for coffee video link.

Videos: DC Facebook | Throwing Coffee


  1. Trailer with MEGAMIND!

  2. LOL....too early for a teaser trailer..

    I don't think bay cares for rushing the movie for trailers.

    I actually remembered seeing some lady carrying some sort of HD camera at the steps near the Reflecting Pool. Based on the video shot, I guess she had the best angle to see what was being shot from our location.


  3. Besides teaser trailer is impossible, unless animation has already begun. But it can only really begin when post-production starts.

  4. no not really.

    Animatics can start during pre-production.
    If the animation company has the background plates, they can start working on the scenes as soon as they get them. A rough cut of the film may not be ready until January. A teaser could be up for the super bowl.

  5. Ironhide and Ratchet on the move in Phoenix, AZ...wondering if filming is done, where are they off to?

  6. saw a blue peterbilt 379ex tanker truck used in cline avenue shoots. possible ultra magnus?

  7. The blue peterbilt is used for the cg work we do for the film.


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