Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Transformers 3 Chicago Nostalgia (Updated)

Tomorrow night Entertainment Tonight will air a report from the Transformers: The Dark of the Moon Chicago set. This seems like a good time to flashback to some of the sites from around the Windy City through the lens of Jeffrey Marshall of Pixel Rally who brought us much of the images we saw from the filming back in July and August. Below is the second ET commercial for their report and also select images from his image gallery. It is worth clicking to as he provides little bits of info on what the image is about and who is in it. The highlights include some Bayhem, close-up of the 3D viewing setup, giant blue robot head, and more. Thanks to Jeffrey for the pictures.

Update: Added third ET TF3 commercial below.

TF3 Nostalgia Set | Full Pixel Rally TF3 Chicago Set

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  1. Whose head is that? Is it like covered up, or something?


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