Saturday, October 02, 2010

Transformers 3 Toyline Sizes

The movie maybe just a touch under a year from release but that isn't stopping Hasbro from laying the groundwork. According to TFW2005, Toys R US Canada has already received some information about the prices and classes that will be released for the movie.

Transformers MV3 Activators ass.---$9.99
Transformers MV3 Cybertech DLX-----$16.99
Transformers MV3 Cybertech Lead----$59.99
Transformers MV3 Cybertech voy-----$29.99
Transformers MV3 Cyberverse basic--$5.99
Transformers MV3 Cyberverse plus---$9.99
Transformers MV3 GO BOTS ass.------$12.99
Transformers MV3 Revving robots----$24.99

Basic is another name for Legends class and Plus replaces Scout. The main new class additions are Go-Bots and Revving Robots but no clue what they mean. Not really sure what "Cyberverse" or Cybertech means but probably has something to do with whatever gimmick is designed into the toy. Thanks to Udana for the link.


  1. Why the heck would they raise it by $10 for voyager and leader class? 20 and 40 was already to expensive! $6 more is pushing it for deluxe.

  2. I sure hope those are NOT the American prices. $60 bucks for a leader...God help us if there's a Supreme class Bruticus or something.

  3. Gobots were the competing line of transforming vehicles by Tonka in the mid-80s. In 1991, the line was bought by Hasbro. I'm thinking they'll be the new "Generations" line that will come out alongside the movie. Also, the revving robots will probably be similar to the RPMs line except they will have the feature of running them over and over on a surface (or revving) and releasing them to run across the surface on their own.

  4. these better not be the american prices!
    upping just about everything!

  5. nevermind these appear to be only candian prices not american

    An awesome Canadian dude going by the moniker GMfan101 dropped by our 2005 Boards earlier today to share with us the first solid news about the Transformers 3 toyline. No toys known as yet, but the information we have received lists the size classes going forward into Transformers 3. This information was pulled from Canadian Toys R Us system, and therefore prices are in Canadian. They've not changed though so don't expect domestic US prices on Scouts or Deluxes to increase:

  6. yeah but the U.S dollar is suppose to be more than the Canadian dollar. So either its imported there and the prices are lower here or its going to be more expensive here. P.S it only says dont expect Scouts or Deluxes to increase, it doesnt say nothing about the leader. So lets all hope that it will be the same price as last year, if not then start saving up your money


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