Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Transformers Linkfest

More links to reviews and upcoming toys.

New Masterpiece Rodimus Prime Gallery
New images of the upcoming Masterpiece toy. Rodimus has the ability to transform between Rodimus, Hot Rod and their alt modes. Rumors still live that Hasbro will also release the toy but without the trailer. Too early to say but this one has the potential to be the best Masterpiece toy yet. Sadly the cost remains a wallet draining $200 for the import. Hit the link for scan of the Figure King issue that shows other upcoming Takara Transformers.

War for Cybertron Cliffjumper
Once you have a Bumblebee design, it is almost inevitable that Cliffjumper will follow. The upcoming addition to the Transformers: Generations line uses the same mold as 'Bee but in his trademark red along with a new head mold. Full gallery at the link.

World Smallest Transformers (WST) Dinobots Video Review
The first of several new video reviews from Peaugh. The WST line was introduced by Takara around 10 years ago introducing the G1 Transformers at about the size of quarter. After two waves they stopped making them but that didn't stop third party companies from continuing to produce the toys, but at a larger scale (around Legends size). Below is the review of the Dinobots (renamed for copyright reasons). I have a set myself and please with the purchase.

WST Shockwave Video Review
Another Peaugh review. This is another WST toy I have. Again one pleased with. Also recommend WST Blaster. The remarkable thing about the WST line is they retain almost the identical Transformation sequence as their 25 year old full size counterpart.

Reveal the Shield Deluxe Turbo Tracks
Not really sure why this toy isn't part of the Transformers Generations line considering how it shares so much love with the Generation One Tracks toy. Just something to be aware of as do not think it will in the Generations red packaging. Based on what saw in the review, definitely adding this one to the wish list.

Transformers Generations Voyager Lugnut Review
Yep, another review from Peaugh. This one is the introduction of the Transformers: Animated Lugnut as a more standard designed Transformer toy. The result is actually pretty good. Not a big fan of the color scheme, but I am sure a repaint will be in the pipeline at some point in the future.

Transformers Generations Deluxe Mindset Review
A review of the Hailstorm repaint for the line. Doesn't do a whole lot for me but others may find the figure worth getting.

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