Friday, November 12, 2010

Hasbro Details Video Game Plans

Hasbro held its "Investors Day" conference call that highlighted some of their upcoming Transformers related projects for the next year or so. TFormers provided the highlights of the call. Many of them we already could guess with a toy line for Dark of the Moon and the "Ultimate Transformers Experience" theme ride that is being built for Universal Parks with Singapore debut of 2011 and Hollywood in 2012. The conference call also verified that three video games are planned around Transformers.

One of them is Transformers Online, an MMORPG that is currently limited to China and other countries in that region for a 2011 release but may be ported for other countries (which ones not detailed). Activision is also working on Transformers: Dark of the Moon game for release around the time of the movie. For those that found the movie related games lacking will be pleased to know that War for Cybertron 2 is scheduled for 2012 release. Thanks to NHLfan for the link.


  1. SERIOUSLY??? We finally gets a Trasnformers MMO and its gonna be a chinese grinder??? ffs! ive been wanting this for ages, but the chinese games mostly arent that good.

    Few of them are tough so lets hope for the best and that it gets ported.

  2. Oh and its gonna get ported to other countries btw.


    Ok im abit more excited now! Cant wait to see more details about it.


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