Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Masterpiece Rodimus Prime Preview

Normally I would save something like this for a linkfest but it’s too cool to wait and might kill some time until the teaser trailer debut. Thanks to Amazon Japan we finally have a really good look at the next new entry in Takara-Tomy's Masterpiece line. MP-9 Rodimus Convoy is Rodimus Prime/Hot Rod from Transformers: The Movie that can support both robot and vehicles modes of this character. In the movie, Hot Rod is the "younger", impulsive character (that indirectly caused Optimus Prime's death) who was transformed by the Matrix of Leadership into a wiser but still inexperienced leader of the Autobots. This figure is a bit of a wallet buster with an average import price of around $200 US. (via AllSpark)


  1. I want this but my undying hatred for hot rod will prevent that from happening. cool toy, lame charecter.

  2. I love Hot Rod because I know as a child it hurt me to think he caused Primes death. But as an adult I realized the lesson he taught me, you can't hold on to things, you can't hold on to poeple, you have to learn to let go if you want to mature and grow up. I'm glad Hot Rod taught me that lesson as a child. 2) In a lot of ways they showed how Prime became leader by showing Hot Rods story, you think Prime was always experienced? you think Prime was always this great leader? No he had to start from being young and being a nobdoy too. The TF movie was profound in the way that it showed a circle of life 10 years before Lion King.


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