Tuesday, December 28, 2010

More Dark of the Moon Toy Images, Packaging, Pricing

Over the last day or so a few new images of Transformers: Dark of the Moon toys have popped up online. The leak from German Transformers site NTF-Archive shows off toys images and packaging of Bumblebee and Optimus Prime at various classes. The packaging is mock-up that gives you idea of how the final packaging will likely look but is clearly not final because it is missing the "Dark of the Moon" logo instead of the "3". The main thing is several of the images finally verify the "Cyberverse" line which seems to be the successor to the Legends line.

The site also revealed the potential pricing of the upcoming line with Legends/Cyberverse around 8 euros (around $10 US), Deluxe as 20 euros (~$26 US), Voyager as 35 euros (~$46 US) and Leader at 70 euros (~$92 US). These prices seem excessively high (as least going by the conversion rate) so take it with a grain of salt as suspect Hasbro will stick with the pricing scheme currently in place possibly plus a dollar or two.

Below are a few images but the full gallery can be found at NTF Archive or mirrored here and here. If interested, more Ironhide pictures have popped up here showing off his large weapon accessory. Thanks to Foxtail for the link.


  1. The new TF3 Ironhide is the most significant Voyager Class update EVER. His legs, feet, arms, everything! I LOVE IT. He's an instant MUST-HAVE. Worlds apart from the crappy inaccurate 2007-2009 molds.

  2. Still not sure if I'll be getting any of these. The Ironhide is HUGE upgrade from the past voyager molds. I'm still hoping for a leader Ironhide to come around. And I would find it absurd if Hasbro did so end up going with those prices but I highly doubt that they will. Perhaps if Peaugh or Optibotimus reviewing some of these new toys my mood might change about getting them.

  3. No comment on the Optimus jet package? Looks like the prop from the set to me, and carries the combiner profile from TF2. Every bot has new weapons packages. Must need them to keep up with the Nascarticons thingies. :P

  4. i was thinking same thing on optimus jetpack! looks way to similar to the set pics! we will see

  5. it looks fake... if that will be the real TF3 toys, then i won't think about to collect any of it. SO ugly~ (except Ironhide of course)...

  6. So, Ironhide replaces his arm guns with that one big gun in TF3.

  7. The Optimus jetpack looks like an old-school X-Wing attached to the cab. Ugh. I have not need the photo of the prop from the set. Hopefully it looks better.

  8. *facepalm* Please tell me this doesn't mean Optimus can fly in Truck mode.

  9. Martinus Prime12/29/2010 6:01 PM

    @anon 29/12/2010 12:17 AM:
    That doesn't look like the jetprop from the set at all man!! It's alos way to small.

    And guys, don't go by the conversion rate for prices for you guys in the U.S.
    The import taxes in Europe are excessively high, really absurd!! So expect much lower prices for the U.S.

  10. @Anonymous 12/2910 8:13 AM

    Watch ROTF again. Go to the 2:12:14 mark (Ch. 18 on Blu-Ray) in the movie. It's a slow motion shot of Lennox, Sam, Michaela, and Ironhide running away from the large explosion from the bombs being dropped.

    Ironhide clearly loses his cannon from his left arm and I doubt it survived that explosion.

    Don't know if that means he won't have it in TF3, but it could be why it's not there in the toy.


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