Thursday, December 02, 2010

Transformers Linkfest

Optimus Prime on Ice
Click the link for a gallery of images of the movie version Optimus Prime ice sculpture. Created by Antti Pedrozo and Michel de Kok, the structure stands around 26 feet tall.

Masterpiece Rodimus Prime Transformation
As the image shows, a look at how the transformation from robot to Hot Rod vehicle to Rodimus Prime truck works. The MP toy is currently scheduled to come out in January 2011 and currently the import cost is around $200.

Custom Transformers Guzzle Gallery
Hit the link for a gallery of images of master Transformer customizer frenzy_rumble. Guzzle is based on the G1 toy from 1988. Not entirely sure what the base Transformer toy is for his custom job, keep thinking it is Titanium series Grimlock but not 100% sure about that.

Generations Sergeant Kup Review
A new review from Peaugh of another Generations figure inspired by the Transformers: The Movie character, retaining his look and color scheme from the 80s toy. The result is a pretty sweet figure that I hope is hitting toy shelves soon.

Clear Mini Masterpiece Optimus Prime Review
Another review from peaugh about a third party figure that shrinks the Masterpiece Prime figure to around Deluxe size. The figure doesn't come cheap, costing around $120 dollars so a mini-version of a toy released about 10 times already may not be worth it but still a cool looking Transformers.

Bumblebee on Display
The Kuala Lumpur Internation Motor Show (KLIMS) that starts later today will have a guest in the form of Bumblebee in both robot and vehicle mode. Not sure if this is a movie sanctioned model or fan created (seems a little short), but still pretty cool looking. Thanks to @Feris_Othman for the pic. Update 2: Little more clarification. The show is scheduled to run from December 3rd to 12th. Below is a commercial for the event. Thanks to Feris for the added info.


  1. FYI: the ice sculpture can currently be seen in Roermond, Netherlands.

  2. no it can't, the show ended on nomvember 26th :-(

  3. wrong again: the show STARTED on nomvember 26th and runs through february

  4. Guys!!! The TF3 teaser trailer has been shown at "Le Giornate del Cinema di Sorrento"(a staff-exclusive movies event in Italy).
    Here's the link.

    You can read the description of the teaser(if you know italian).Unfortunately no video...but i can translate it for you, if you want(sorry for my english, infact i'm italian ;)

  5. 22 days to go...

  6. Amazing! I wanna go and see that ice sculpture. Gosh! Makes me excited for Transformers. :D


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