Saturday, January 29, 2011

Transformers Linkfest

It has been a while since the last linkfest and the links have piled up. This edition brings a nice detailed look at the recently released Masterpiece Optimus Prime and more pics of upcoming Reveal the Shield/Classic toys, a G1 graphic, and some videos. The highlights of that is a Generation One Autobots dancing to Thriller and the entire Generation One cast, CGI style, fighting it while Stan Bush sings his latest single.

Masterpiece Rodimus Prime Gallery
Hit the link for a large gallery that shows off the latest Masterpiece toy. The figure was just released this week in Japan and will likely start arriving in people's hands in the next week or so if pre-ordered. This figure is starting to shape up to be one of the best yet.

NASA's Optimus Prime Contest
NASA has opened public voting on a video contest aimed at elementary students designed to get them interested in science by encouraging people to vote on the videos they created. NASA is using their recent relationship with the Transformers: Dark of the Moon production to promote the contest with the chosen winner will win an "NASA Optimus Prime" trophy. Voting ends on Feb. 6th. Thanks to Richard for the link.

Reveal The Shield Galleries - G2 Optimus Prime | Downshift, Rumble | Wave 3 | Thundercracker | Warpath
Hit the links to view more in and out of package pics of the next wave of Classic 3.0 toys that are inspired by the Generation One and Two toy line.

Generations One Infographic
Hit the link for a pretty cool infographic that summarizes visual what Transformers fans mean when refer to Generation One. As Bleeding Cool points out, the poster is a mix of fan, cartoon, comic and toy box art that in some cases isn't exactly the G1 design but inspired by it.

Autobots Dance to Thriller
Below is a sweet video that has most of your favorite Generation One Autobots as they dance to Michael Jackson's Thriller. (via Collecticon)

Stan Bush and Dr. Smoov Dream the Dream Video
Stan Bush, who created two songs for Transformers: The Movie soundtrack has joined with Dr. Smoov to create this interesting TF video. Dr. Smoov and co has been creating some pretty sweet CGI Transformers Generation One inspired videos for a few years now and this one is no exception. Thanks to NHLfan for the link.

FansProject Shadow Scyther Armor Review
Peaugh reviews the armor add-on for Shattered Glass Rodimus Prime. I think this was a Bot Con exclusive). It is a non-Hasbro sanctioned item so the result is a high price (the regular Hot One is around $82). While this item is probably outside the price range of most Transformers fans (including myself) the result is still pretty freaking sweet to see.

Transformers Prime Promo Clip
The cartoon series returns on February 11th with new episodes. Below is one of the commercials. If interested in the full month's title and schedules click here.


  1. OMG the Thriller video is pure awesome

  2. Loved the Thriller video. Wonder why Optimus wasn't in front of the dancing group? Surprised Shockwave just simply walked by, probably thinking "Crazy Autobots!"

  3. Did I see Decepticon seeker ghosts show up behind the Autobots and begin dancing with them?

  4. Shane - I think Rodimus looks more like Michael Jackson than anyone else. That would be why Optimus wasn't leading.


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